Driver, Carl Siegler, and co-driver, Dave Goodman, of Ziptie Rally Team (ZRT) had a successful run at the 2012 100 Acre Wood Rally. In two previous attempts the team had DNF’ed due to an engine fire in 2010 and a blown engine in 2011. Third time was the charm and ZRT had a strong run to finish 2nd in Open Class in the Trespassers Wil regional and 3rd in Open Class in the 100AW regional. Carl and Dave also took 4th in the Honey Jar Challenge which was for the top placing AWD cars over both regional rallies.

The roads were in excellent condition and the car was running very strong but the rally was not without its challenges for ZRT. On the transit to Stage 1 the wiring in the intercom system failed. Dave had to shout the notes for the first three stages until it was fixed in service. That same day the engine had some significant heat soak issues after a prolonged stage start. The car went into limp mode and the team lost time as the engine struggled to cool back down.

Day 2 started off with a bang as Carl got caught out on a corner two miles into the second stage resulting in a partial roll and a flat tire. The car righted itself and the team tackled the remaining eight stage miles on three tires. Luckily there was no major damage and Carl and Dave were able to press on to finish the day.

Ziptie Rally’s next event will be Magnum Opus on April 21st in Newberry, MI. The team will have both the 171 car of Siegler/Goodman and the Open Class 858 Subaru of Israelson/Standage in the event.

Ziptie Rally is based out of Golden Valley, MN. Their 2012 partners include: Carbonetic, Morries Minnetonka Subaru, TSS FAB, Team Powder, Gearhead Designz, and St. Paul Media. For the latest on the team check

Photo credit to Haugen Photography



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