Top ten overall for Cline at the season opener

Cline Racing Sports, of Evan Cline and Grzegorz Dorman representing the Exedy Rally Team, opened their 2012 Rally America National Championship Series with a 10th overall and 5th in Super Production class at the Sno*Drift Rally. The race was based around Atlanta, MI and presented the team with some of the toughest conditions to overcome on more than 120 competitive stage miles of the event.

Cline’s freshly upgraded 2004 Subaru Impreza WRX STI ran the event flawlessly despite hitting snow banks and a few spins on the ice-covered race stages. The Michigan crew, based in Brighton, drove conservatively on Friday stages, ending the day 12th overall and 5th in their class. These roads were raced mostly at night and were the toughest conditions to race on. Lack of snow and higher than usual temperatures in the area left a thick sheet of ice on the roads, which was polished with every car racing on them.

Saturday’s stages welcomed drivers with a thin layer of fresh snow that came down overnight, which improved conditions on the roads and confidence back in Cline Racing Sports crew, seeing them in the top 10 stage times in eight of the twelve stages.

Evan Cline, CRS driver: “I am happy we brought the car to the finish, which was the objective of the weekend, but am a little disappointed couldn’t show the potential of our upgraded car. It ran great and the times we achieved on Saturday were pretty good, with a few top five overall. 100 Acre Wood Rally is just few weeks away and I am eager to see how we do there.”

Grzegorz Dorman, CRS co-driver: “This was the most difficult event I’ve ever been to by far. Not only were the roads were really slick, but there was no snow banks to help slow you down if needed. Was a stressful event because we wanted to make sure we made it to the finish, but also wanted to flex the new car a little. I look forward to the second round of the season in Missouri.”

The next event for Exedy Rally Team, will be the 100 Acre Wood Rally based in Salem, MO on February 24th and 25th.

Cline Racing Sports is proudly supported by Exedy Racing Clutch, Disc Brakes Australia, Hawk, Recaro, Innovate Motorsports, Magnus Motorsports, Whiteline and Mobsteel.

Photos : Artur Partyka



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