David Sterckx (Belgium) and Karen Jankowski (California) of David Sterckx Rally Sport Team, in their first event of the Rally America 2012 season, finished on the podium with 3rd in the super Production Class and 8th overall at Sno*Drift Rally over the weekend.

This was the first time David had ever competed in the ice and snow. With over 60 cars competing in the event and a high rate of finishers, it was a very competitive event. The weather made it very difficult all weekend with below freezing temperatures, ice, and on the last day several inches of snow.

“I am so happy with our results this weekend, especially for our partners AlphaSTAR, Genoa 5, and MCQ Composites. Our new Subaru was just finished and I drove it for the first time this week” stated David. “Having never rallied on the ice or snow I wasn’t totally sure what to expect. Turns out you can’t expect anything because the heavy ice and snow this weekend made the conditions very difficult to plan for. I know we will be even quicker next year though because we learned a lot of valuable information that will really help.”

The team’s crew chief, Don Jankowski, who himself has had class wins at Sno*Drift rally in the past, did an amazing job building the new rally car in such a short amount of time. The car was completed Tuesday night with testing the following morning. With very little sleep and the tenacity to press on regardless he and Ken Nowak made sure the car was ready in time.

“If you look at all that we have overcome; finishing our brand new Subaru the night before testing, David never had rallied in the ice or snow, and this being his first National Rally America event I feel that the entire team did an outstanding job” explained Karen. Don and Ken building such a great car, all the tremendous help we received right before the event from Pete Gladysz, the beautiful new car wrap Zach Thompson of Competition Graphics provided us, and awesome our crew of Andrea Nowak and Brett Duncan. Rallying is all about teamwork and we are so fortunate to have a great team. David drove consistently fast all weekend!”

Next event in the Super Production Rally America Championship is only one month away at the Rally in the 100 Acre Wood in Salem, MO February 24-25th (http://www.100aw.org/).

The team would like to thank the following people:

Our parters: AlphaSTAR (http://alphastarcorp.com), MCQ, and Genoa 5
Our crew chief: Don Jankowski
Our crew: Ken Nowak, Andrea Nowak, and Brett Duncan
Competition Graphics http://www.competitiongraphics.com/motorsports.html
Pete and Judi Gladysz

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Photo Courtesy of Haugen Photography: www.haugenphotography.com



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