This year the old Plan B Rally has a new name and a new venue for ralliest to come and really have some fun; plus the challenge to see who will win at this year’s rally weekend of events. A whole new concept to stage format rallying. Also, a prize fund that consist over $1000.00’s! The event will be Feb 18/19th, 2012 at Speedworld in Surprise, AZ.

We will be included in with the very first time other motorsport activities called “2012 Off-Road Fest.” There will be over 120 entrees for the off-road teams between Pro-Lites, Stock and Pro-Lite Trucks, UTV’s, Trophy Karts, etc. They will be going for the Lucas Oil Regional Off-Road Racing and the Arizona Short Course Association point’s events. Denise is expecting this event will become a very exciting event to enter in years to come. Already teams are lining up to enter to get ready for 2012 season for the Bilstein USA RallyCup and Lucas Oil 2WD Championship from the Bilstein Southwest RallyCup Series and to go for the Rally America SW Region Championship. The Local Motors based out of Chandler, Arizona will have the “Rallyfighter” car there as an O car for the rally event and to showcase their new concept vehicles at the event.

It will be the type of weekend that you can bring friends, family together and really enjoy yourselves. One example for the teams right after registration, recce for ralliest and pre-run for the desert teams; we are going to have a BBQ and bonfire for all of the teams to sit down and enjoy an evening at the track to get ready for some great competition on that Saturday and Sunday.

Speedworld is based in Surprise, Arizona just northwest of Phoenix. This track has been seen on CBS, Versus, Speed and MAV TV this past year. It has multiple tracks between drag racing, motocross, short course dirt arena racing, a Paintball park, etc. This year will be the use of some dirt roads in the back of the track. A large facility with one of the nicest track owners you could ever meet.

What will be unique is that for the first time off-road desert teams that are not part of the short course arena only events that weekend; they will be using the rally course and using our route book if they so choose and instructions/arrows will be the way we set-up a stage rally. As Denise McMahon quoted;” It will be something new for them (the off-road teams) to get to understand what we do in our sport. Also do not worry the rally teams go first for our event before the desert teams and after lunch/service the roads in the back will be checked for any re-grading both days.”

How did this get started? Well, Tim Jones from ASCC and Denise McMahon the organizer of Plan B Rally started discussing this concept back in early 2011. To bring rallying and off-road together since we have certain similarities but still unique in how our motorsport disciplines compete. Tim has wanted to get rallying meshed in with off-road for sometime and Lucas Oil whom is the presenting sponsor for the Bilstein Southwest RallyCup series brought the two series directors together and start the discussions of doing a event together. Denise McMahon has been doing some research for over several years and going to several Glen Helen race track events to watch the Lucas Oil LOORS series races and talking to not only to the top people at Lucas Oil headquarters but to off-road teams about the unique idea of bringing the two types of dirt motorsports together. Lucas Oil will be observing how well this turns out between the two types of motorsports and hopes this will be the future to come between the two organizations.

There will still be a MTC and ATC to get to the start BUT you have a chance in front of potential spectators of over 3000 to be coming to watch your skill through out the whole course made specifically for this event. It is a 4.6 mile challenge to go through the Lucas Oil off-road short course arena BUT you go through other areas of the very large facility course that has dirt stage roads in the very back. You will be twisting; turning. This will not be a high speed event due to small hills, tight turns and going back through another dirt arena on the other side. What is great about this? You get to do this 4 times on the first leg of the day one event.

The other twist to this event is you will be side by side with another rally car at start control BUT one starts at top of the minute but the second one starts 15 seconds later so it is a time trial but with a twist/challenge to it. Also, we will be inverting the start order so that slower cars have the chance to be on the starting line first. The scoring will be done by transponders for accuracy.

Already one team can’t wait to for the event to happen which is Jim Morris and Steve Palemeri who are going for the 2012 overall win in the Lucas Oil 2WD championship but he will have to contend with Bill Holmes which always these two teams have fun competing against each other. Bret Norgaard and John Sundelin are coming out of retirement and getting ready to compete at this event. But there are a couple of other teams coming on strong for 2012 are Chuck Wilson and John Black. So already the gloves are on to see who will win in either championship. Also some off-road teams are looking into doing a back and forth season between rallying and off-road.

If you can not make it out to Speedworld that weekend; the organizers are working on two types of video and camera crews to capture all of the excitement to be on You Tube and for a possible TV package. So come on out to be part of the excitement as a spectator or as a competitor. You will have fun.
The 2012 Bilstein Southwest RallyCup Series presented by Lucas Oil, and Arizona Extreme Rally is proudly supported by Bilstein Shock Absorbers, Lucas Oil, Team O’Neil Rally School, Racetech, Real Estate of Southbay, Fiberwerx, Local Motors, Stage Track, Fast-Aid, K 2 Awards.

About Bilstein Southwest RallyCup Series presented by Lucas Oil:
Based in Anaheim, California, the series contains not only the Rally America SW Regional series, but for the past eight years having the SWRC Cup, three years for the Bilstein USA Cup series, and newly formed as of last year the Lucas Oil 2WD Championship series. In 2012, SWRC series will be conducting over 6 venues and 10 events spanning from Arizona, Northern/ Southern California and Nevada. More information about the series can be found on .

About the Arizona Short Course Association:
ARIZONA SHORT COURSE CHAMPIONSHIP (ASCC) is an affordable, action packed short course racing series. ASCC features Stock and Heavy Metal Trucks, 1450/Prerunners, Desert and Short Course Buggies, UTV’s, SxS’s and Trophy Karts. All races have exciting land rush starts, high speed straits, high flying jumps, moguls, and woops! This series is part of the Lucas Oil Regional Off-Road series of Arizona. For more information can be found at .

About Rally America:
Based in Williston, VT, Rally America, Inc. sanctions the premier performance Rally series in the United States, the Rally America National Championship Series. In 2012, Rally America will be conducting six National Championship events at venues across the country, from Seattle, Washington to Newry, Maine. Also supports all of the regional series that spans across the United States.More information about the Rally America National/ Regional Championship Series and the sport of Rally can be found at and videos can viewed at



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