Last Ditch Racing’s Driver John Cassidy and Co-Driver Jennifer Daly will head to Canada to participate in Rallye Defi, round four of the 2011 Canadian Rally Championship.

Having completed an ambitious mid-summer schedule, including Rallye Baie des Chaleurs, the Mt. Washington Hillclimb and New England Forest Rally, the team is hoping to carry momentum to their last event of the the season.

“Jennifer and I have had an extremely busy and successful summer of racing and look forward to returning to Rallye Defi to compete with a talented field of competitors.” LDR has an extensive history of rallying in Canada, competing in their first Rallye Defi about 10 years ago. “The level of competition is extremely high in Canada, and

The team has faced an extensive repair schedule after the rough New England Forest Rally in July. “We pushed hard at New England Forest, and the suspension was a bit too soft. The car suffered a bit of damage, so we’ve made a lot of work for ourselves.” The team is also doing some further engine development work ahead of the event in hopes of being more competitive with the larger budget teams.

For Rallye Defi, the team will be partnering with Canadian firm X-Vision, pioneers in mobile immersion video technology. One of only a handful of companies worldwide that has developed a 360 degree video system that puts the user, “inside,” the video, allowing the end-user to manipulate their view of the view a full 360.

Said Cassidy, “This will mark the first time this technology has been applied in a rally in North America, and we’re honored that X-Vision has decided to partner with LDR. We’re really hoping to give the fans a show from inside the car! They’ll be able to pan andy tilt their point of view anywhere in the car they’d like. They’ll have views of the stage even we don’t have-I wonder how many fans we can fit in our rally car!?”

Cassidy and Daly would like to extend a special thanks to the LDR crew for their personal sacrifices and long hours in the shop throughout the 2011 season: Drew Gladu, Duncan Matlack, Nathan Haskell, Bronson, Crothers, Cullen Gillis and Jon Bolduc.

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