In an interview on Block might be ending his 3 year WRC


“To keep up I need to learn more. But that’s only when I’m driving more, “says Block. “I would have to sit so much more in the Fiesta WRC. How do you want, I know at the moment but nothing more. First and foremost I am indebted to my sponsors and partners who want me to do more in America. ”

No wonder Ken Block’s action videos inspire the masses. His latest work “Gymkhana 4 – The Hollywood Megamercial” – was on Youtube alone clicked on launch nearly five million times, “Gymkhana 3” over 35 million fans have seen so far. His appearances in the World Rally Championship can not come close. And certainly not without sporting success. Exactly this is likely to remain the ultra late entrants but exploitable. So why continue?

In addition, the World Rally Championship highlight conflicts in Finland appointment with the held annually in Los Angeles X Games. “An event in which I am bound by contract. And I also like. It’s all very compact, similar to the Rally Cross, which is currently popular in the United States. A sport entirely to my taste. I also like the WRC, it is great and very challenging, but also very expensive and time consuming, “said the Californian, and looks ahead:” In the coming weeks we will sit down and think about what we want, and via my program for 2012 speak. There are many ideas and some variations. “



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