Twenty-one-year-old MAP Rally Team driver Mark Piatkowski and co-driver Robert Maciejski managed two overall regional stage wins at the New England Forest Rally (NEFR). They won second in class and fourth overall in Friday’s Mexico Rally and finished second in class and second overall in Saturday’s Errol Rally. Over the course of the weekend Mark and Robert competed against five open light entries. Nationally the pair ranked top 10 in their stage times throughout the event. At one point they even managed to place 8th on a 16 mile stage.

Unfortunately on Saturday’s second stage, Mark and Robert sustained rear suspension failure half-way through. Despite this setback they continued on. The suspension progressively got worse until the final stage when the shocks went completely solid. This resulted in a two minute loss dropping them to second place regionally and in their class.

“Hey that’s rally!” said a relieved Mark Piatkowski at the end of the event. “I’m learning first hand, how quickly everything can change… that’s just the nature of this sport.”

Mark later added, “Looking at the big picture, I had an extremely successful weekend. Two fastest overall stage times; that’s an accomplishment in itself! Oh, and that’s all with seized rear suspension.”

“This whole season has been a major accomplishment. I started the year with loads of confidence coming in from 2010. I’m proud of my speed but even more so in my consistent finishes. With 2011 being a success I can’t help but look forward to 2012. Trust me, this is only the beginning.”

Mark and Robert would like to thank all of the event organizers and volunteers who put together, yet another professionally organized, New England Forest Rally. Furthermore he would like to thank his relentlessly hardworking crew who not only help him to prepare months in advance, but also take the time to come out to every event. Lastly he would like to thank all of his supportive fans/ media who cheer him on along the stages.

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Written by Dana Ahern
Photos by Neil McDaid, Mat Janiak, Pete Kuncis



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