MAP Rally Team driver Mark Piatkowski and co-driver Robert Maciejski finished second overall in both the Sherwood Forest and Finger Lakes Rallies of the Susquehannock Trail Performance Rally (STPR). Throughout the weekend Mark and Robert competed against six open light entries, most notably battling it out with Jason Smith and Jared Lantzy in their Subaru Imprezas. The pair consistently ranked top 10 nationally in their stage times throughout the event and at one point managed to place in the top 6. Regionally, they scored two stage wins and regularly ranked within the top 3.

Unfortunately on Friday’s Super Special Stage Mark and Robert sustained a lower ball joint failure one corner from the finish. This resulted in an added two minutes onto their accumulated time for the entire day. Despite the added time, the pair still managed to finish second overall in the Finger Lakes Rally. Working late into the night, the MAP Rally Team crew consisting of Mark’s friends and family resolved the issue and had the car ready for the next competitive stage. Even with heavy rainfall on STPR’s clay based roads, Mark and Robert successfully finished Saturday’s Sherwood Forest Rally second overall without any mishaps.

“Considering this is only my third rally ever, I was very pleased to see that I had competitive top 10 national times throughout the weekend and even one top 6. To be honest, I still have a lot in reserve but because of my tight financial situation I simply cannot afford to push like I know I can. But that will come with time…” said a smiling Mark Piatkowski. “I ve put my heart and soul into rally, and it’s a big relief to see that everything went according to plan.”

“Being called in at the very last minute to sit alongside Mark, who I knew was a fairly new driver, I was unsure what to expect” explained co-driver Robert Maciejski.” A few corners into the rally, I was immediately impressed by his car control skills and knew that the weekend would end as a success. Over the course of the event we definitely clicked and I look forward to assisting him in becoming the driver both he and I believe he will be.”

Mark would like to thank all of the organizers and volunteers who put together, yet another flawless STPR. Furthermore he would like to thank his relentlessly hardworking crew who not only help him to prepare months in advance, but also take the time to come out to every event. Lastly he would like to thank all of his supportive fans/media who cheer him on along the stages so loudly that they end up voiceless, “You know who you guys are.”

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Written by Dana Ahern
Photos by James Henry, Zack Thomas, Dana Ahern



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