On board video with thinman FATMAN racing, Gaylord Van Brocklin and Steve Secviar, in car #78 running the 8th and final stage of the 2011 High Desert Trails Rally.

There was a tight three way battle for Group 2, and we were behind going into the final two stages. This last stage consisted of primarily fast long straights, and we had the car pinned in 5th gear for most of it.

Immediately after crossing the finish, sitting 1st in class and 2nd overall in a field of 26 cars, I made an amateur mistake and we crashed. At about 80mph, the car rolled 3 or 4 times before the GoPro camera fell out and landed face up… we rolled one more time before coming to a stop on the driver side of the car.

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to officially “finish” since we had another transit stage to run, but we ended up 45 seconds ahead of the fastest Open 4wd car out there… the times don’t lie 🙂



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