At the recent Desret Storm Rally there was over $4000 split up, with $2000 each for 2WD and AWD event series. Teams worked hard to get the top finishing positions from the tough competition they were up against at the event. So congratulations to all of the winners. Each category went 7 places deep in prize funds. Plus Lucas Oil product and Poly Performance vouchers were given out with the grand total of prize money and product grand total of over $5000. The Attack series continues at North Nevada Attack in July…

The winners are:

Subaru SoCal All Wheels Driven Attack

1st Place – Will Hudson/Brian Szykowny
2nd Place – Katianna Pihakari/Marie Boyd
3rd Place – Nick Taylor/Robert Olchawa

Lucas Oil 2WD Class

1st Place – John Black/Lori Stone
2nd Place – Chuck Wilson/Brent Ellzey
3rd Place – Javier Olivares/Brock Heinz
4th Place – Jen Imai/Terr-Dog Stonecipher
5th Place – Michael Bond/Mike Ingoldby
6th Place – Robert Peterson/Mitch Nunes

This rally got through some tough times and it was like the committee mission to use the LSPR motto “Press on Regardless.” We started out with over 100 stage miles and even though we lost our California stage roads due to a clash between environmental group versus BLM and we were able to still come up with over 100 stage miles and actually 18 more stage miles then the previously scheduled. So that is why you keep a lot of roads permitted in cases like this…

We are so thankful to ALL of the people who supported us and said to not give up. So we had a blast and every volunteer and competitor rally enjoyed the competition.

Check out the video made by Ben Beckhart pf Brake Hard Films which shows Desert Storm Rally 2011-Ode to the Regional Competitors –

CRS series the competitors who are members and for the Bilstein SWRC and RallyAmerica SW regional championship who competed at Desert Storm have quite a few points ahead for the rally season in any of these series since this was a 6 coefficient week and weekend of events headquarter in Blythe, Ca.

The rally tarted out on Thursday with our free entry event, in which there were over 9 entries. One competitor got off work went to compete and went right back home afterwards and came back on Friday evening and took first place in the Lucas Oil 2WD Attack and that was John Black. Lori Stone stayed to do recce and got ready for Saturday. Talk about taking care of work and competition at the same time… now that is focusing on your rally season. Jon Burke/Tom Moringstar and Alex Helton and Patrick Lobban were going strong on the Thursday event and end up not finishing but I know if they were able to continue possible outcomes could have been different on the weekend. So they will be back later this season but Alex Helton has said he will be trying to go to Olympus Rally in April.

Now last year Will Hudson was going after Lauchlin O’Sullivan for the win with Jon Burke and had a rollover that took those possibilities away for the overall win. So he came back with another car this year and went for the overall win but he did have some strong competition which was Nick Taylor and John Black following behind Chuck Wilson. Will and Brian win the I-10 Speedway track record for 2011. So a great weekend for Will and Brian!

The Bilstein Cup Class is up for grabs this year and Michael Bond and Alex Helton and George Doganis might be coming back later in the rally season to try to defend his 2010 championship. There is $1500 up for the end of the season and the Bilstein Cup award presented by Bilstein of America. Next event for the competitors to go after in this category is North Nevada. In order to be in this exclusive competition if to have Bilstein product on your car. So if you are interested in this class… be at the North Nevada Rally in July.

As a side note on Friday night a charity BBQ at the Capital Suites catered by Rebel BBQ. Quite a few local residents from Blythe came by to donate to the Blythe Pet Shelter. Also to see the sheltered 8 week old puppies on displayed for possible adoption and see the rally cars on display along with the 2011 Subaru WRX STI from Subaru SoCal region. We raised over $439.00’s and had over 200 people came by to view and meet everyone and to see the Canidae Dog Food booth for free pet samples that were given out at the BBQ. Also Canidae Dog Food donated pet food to the shelter. Thank you to Lucas Oil and Canidae Dog Food for your generous offering for this deserving benefit.

The awards ceremony was again held at the Lucas Oil Automotive shop at the Palo Verde College under the direction of George Walters the associate dean of the college. Bilstein Southwest Rallycup series donated to the automotive program of $200.00 to their scholarship program. This is our way of saying thank you for the past few years working with Desert Storm Rally and the competitors to have a really nice service area.

The Desert Storm Rally is sanctioned by RallyCar, and is a part of the California Rally Series and the Bilstein Southwest RallyCup Series.

Desert Storm Rally is proudly supported by Lucas Oil, Subaru of America, Capital Suites, Palo Verde College, Stage Track, CB Plumbing, Real Estate of South Bay, Poly Performance, Rebel BBQ ,, Canidae Dog Food, City of Blythe, and La Paz County.



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