Targa Newfoundland has issued a challenge to the manufacturers of small sporty cars- and the owners who love them – with a new competition for fuel-efficient, small-displacement cars.

The Targa Newfoundland Next Generation Challenge will be a competition-within-a-competition that pits cars of up to 1.6-litres displacement against each other in a contest that puts the spotlight on the coming generation of appealing, sophisticated, fun-to-drive cars available in North America.

The Next Generation Challenge will be part of the 10th annual Targa competition this September, Targa organizer Robert Giannou announced.

“We want to provide a distinct competition for these sporty, fun-to-drive cars that are quickly becoming a major factor in the market. It will be a platform for manufacturers to demonstrate the performance attributes and sporty personalities of this appealing generation of new models, and an opportunity for their owners to share the spotlight with the great sporting cars that annually come to Targa,” said Giannou

The Next Generation Challenge will be a two-year trial and will be open to production cars of 1.6-litres displacement or less, sold in North America since model year 2009. Entries must comply with the rules of either Modern or Open Divisions within Targa, and will compete on an equal footing (no handicap). Entries will also score in the Divisions where they are eligible to compete. A separate Next Generation Challenge award will be offered and other rules will also apply.

A dozen small, sporty models are potentially eligible for Next Generation Challenge, including cars from Chevrolet, Fiat, Ford, Honda, Hyundai, Kia, Mazda, MINI, Nissan, Suzuki and Toyota. Eligible new cars will be added to the list as they become available in North America.

“We believe that car manufacturers will see Next Generation Challenge as a terrific opportunity to demonstrate that there are dimensions to these cars in addition to their attractive fuel economy,” Giannou adds. “We welcome them to Targa.”

Owned and operated by Newfoundland International Motorsports Limited, Targa Newfoundland is one of three internationally recognized Targa motorsports events in the world. The 10th annual Targa Newfoundland will start in St. John’s on Saturday, September 10, 2011, and end back in the capital Saturday, September 17. The competition will cover more than 2,000 kilometres of the challenging, twisty roads of the central and eastern portion of Newfoundland, including up to 450 kilometres of closed-road, flat-out Targa stages.



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