Rally New York, Ltd. has announced that the second edition of New York Winter Rally, a snow rally that allows studded tires, full reconnaissance and pace notes (http://www.rallynewyork.net/nywr2011.html) has been cancelled.

The organizer invoked Article 3.12 of Supplementary Regulations on the grounds that an insufficient number of entries was received by the close of regular entry on December 30. The entry fees received to date have been refunded in full. As an added difficulty, continuing logging keeps destroying a section of the road purpose-built by Rally New York, Ltd. for the event.

The next event is all-tarmac Rally New York USA now tentatively scheduled for March 25 – 26, 2011. The exact dates will be announced shortly.

Rally New York, Ltd. wants to thank its competitors, supporters and sponsors for their continuing support.



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