Matthew Johnson announced today that after winning two stops on the RallyCar US Rallycross Championship, he will focus on two-wheel drive Rallycross with Nitro Circus in 2011.

Johnson, who was awarded Ford Racing’s Sportsman of the Week after celebrating a victory at his first rallycross, is known for his unique approach to racing. “If I can’t have fun and get wild, I don’t really want to do it,” said Johnson about driving his 2010 season rallycross car – the Nitro Circus 1978 Ford Fairmont station wagon.

In the final rallycross events of the season, “the popularity of two-wheel drive brought a lot of fast cars out of the woods. Nissan 240 turbos, Dillon in the fast Focus, and Josh Wimpey in his VW GTI which was even angrier than last time,” said Johnson. “I had to raise my game in the Fairmont to compete with these other hungry competitors.” Saturday’s race was tough on the cars, and rallycross displayed a level of carnage caused by car-to-car contact not seen in stage rally. “Things got rough and rowdy out there, but the Nitro Circus Fairmont hung in, and we stepped into 2nd position on the podium.”

Johnson, however, was hungry for gold on Sunday and not satisfied with a 2nd place in the first race of the double-header weekend. Throughout the day, Johnson bared his teeth, ultimately driving a flawless race to the win. In a post-race press conference, Johnson was asked why he won. His response was, “Yesterday, I left stuff on table with the bumps. When the Fairmount smells dirt I’m losing time, and if I broke the car, I might not have raced today. If it broke today, it was okay. So, I held the gas pedal down. ”

Following the game-changing news of Nitro Circus frontman and 4 time rally National Champion Travis Pastrana making the jump to NASCAR, the Nitro Circus brand will continue to grow its rallycross presence with Johnson in 2011. Johnson laughed after Sunday’s race, “Unlike Travis we finished the event untouched, both sides of his car looked like he’d been brawling bulls not cars… and make sure to stop by the Rally America store to buy some Nitro merchandise,” he joked.

“Rallycross offers an excellent platform to showcase the power and durability of mid-size and compact vehicles in America,” said Gale and Company President Brian Gale promoter of the new series. “It’s a sport that appeals to an audience hungry to see production based cars driven at the edge.” And, as a sport that appeals directly to the 20 million Nitro Circus viewers, Matthew plans to bring some of this group to Rallycross, a sport that was described “the future of motorsport in the US” after ESPN’s X Games Rallycross event. “The Ford Fairmont was amazing, but we’re aiming for something a bit more lightweight to fly the Nitro colors for 2011. We’ll make a big announcement about the final program partners in late winter,” Johnson said.

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