This is your chance to ride with me on a real stage, in a real rally car!

It’s the Beast, Me, and You.

To celebrate the 40th Edition of the Rally of the Tall Pines, our team is partnering with the event organizers to offer you the chance to earn one of two coveted rides at the Rally of the Tall Pines. The road we will use is a section of an actual stage of the rally, featuring a big jump, a long straight to test your nerves at top speed, and countless blind corners that will leave you breathless and grabbing the roll cage praying for your life!

It will all happen during rally shakedown, on Friday, November 19th. 2 rides are being auctioned on to help a good cause. Both charity auctions begin on Tuesday, November 9th. The first winner will be declared on Tuesday, November 16th. The second winner on Wednesday, November 17th.
All proceeds will go to the “Bancroft Sled Dog Races” (promoting sports, physical fitness, and healthy lifestyles for local kids and families).
This is it. Prove you have the guts. Click here for the ride of your life!

1st Auction

2nd Auction

The lucky winners will also get video footage of the ride from onboard cameras, a professional photo session with the driver and the car, 2 Tall Pines T-shirts, as well as a chance to see one of the top rally teams in action in the service park. This will be a “once in a lifetime opportunity” don’t miss out on an unforgettable experience! All the safety gear is provided by our team.

If you happen to have any questions (even unusual, like “Will I fit into the rally seat?”) please don’t hesitate to contact me directly: [email protected]



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