Photos by Adam Schreiner of Midwest Rally Media

The Ziptie Rally Team took an early beating at the 2010 running of the Lake Superior Performance Rally. The team had three cars entered in the Regional Cup Championship – the 171 Open Class STI of Carl Siegler/Dave Goodman, the 858 Open Light Impreza of Anthony Israelson/Jesse Lang and the 558 Group 5 S10 of Jim Cox/Dan Drury. On the opening stage, the 558 S10 suffered a control arm failure negotiating the first corner. With no spare on hand, the team was forced to withdraw. A very disheartening result for Jim and Dan but the two still finished the 2010 season as the Rally America Central Region Group 5 Champions for both driver and co-driver.

The 171 STI also suffered suspension failure early on. After turning in some very respectable times on SS1 and SS2 (as fast as 3rd overall) Carl and Dave were excited to head out to the forest stages. The car was running very strong with a larger turbocharger, new ecu tune and new DMACK GRIPPA tires which were proving to be unbelievably good performers. Unfortunately a washed out section on SS3 exposed a rock that would end Carl and Dave



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