The new operational committee of Rally New York, and its multiple series, makes the following announcement regarding reorganization of the related events.

The events known as the Rally New York USA, International Rally New York, New York Winter Rally, the supporting Rallysprints (Summer and Autumn), and the ownership stake in the United States Rally Championship shall remain the property of Rally New York, Ltd. But a dedicated and robust team of key personnel of the events has stepped up to secure the future and legacy of these rallies.

The core of this team is Marcel Ciascai, Michael Cosgrove, Walter Clark, Fran Gager and Bernie Obry.

This statement is made with heartfelt thanks and a gracious nod to Ivan and Olga Orisek in understanding that the future is found in change. Because of Olga’s and Ivan’s expertise and professionalism in rallies, Rally New York events have always been well organized and run on time. Now, combined with an operational committee and guiding vision of the founders, competitors can look forward to the same professionally organized events infused with new blood, energy and ideas.

We feel for these events and for the good of North American rally as a whole that a cooperative, known, veteran leadership will allow for the best possible rallies.

That said, the new face of Rally New York events asks for your patience and understanding during the transition we have jointly started with the founders of Rally New York.

If it’s about rally, rally here.



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