Round 3 of the California Rally Series Rally Moto series took place in Frazier Park,
California as riders competed in the 2010 Gorman Ridge Rally. Universal Rally
rider Andrew Sutherland won this event in 2009 and was looking for a repeat victory.

Learning from last years race, Andrew selected a lighter more maneuverable rally bike
that could better cope with the rough and twisty roads of the Gorman Rally; sidelining
his KTM Enduro in favor of a Husaberg 450. There was a dramatic drop in power by
switching to the smaller bike but it was offset by the increase in handling prowess of the
revolutionary “Berg”.

The learning curve was steep but by the 3rd stage Andrew was able to post a stage time
less than a second slower than the leader, Bike Bandit sponsored rider Chris Martin.
Andrew pushed again on stage 5 and took the stage win by 6 seconds. Staying close
throughout the event, the duo tied on stage 7, down to the hundredth of a minute!
However, Andrew couldn’t consistently match Chris’s pace and ended the day in what
is becoming a familiar position this year, 2nd place. With the championship wrapping up
at the Prescott Rally in October, there is little hope of breaking Chris’s firm grip on the
championship lead.

“This was one of the most competitive rallies I’ve been in, cars or bikes”said Andrew.
“It was a lot of fun battling Chris for the “W”and I tried my best to make him earn it,
which he did”.

Andrew also stated that this may be his last year competing in Rally Moto events, on a
regular basis. “I want to get back in the car. After returning to bikes and pushing myself
for 2 years I realized why I switched from racing bikes to cars back in 2001. I’m not
willing to take the big risks required to truly go fast on a bike anymore, self preservation
seems to kick in sooner as you get older. With my MBA program wrapping up in the
spring of 2011, I’ll have more time to dedicate to finishing my current rally car projects
and running some events.”

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