Ziptie Rally Team competed this past weekend at the Ojibwe Forests Rally Weekend (made up of two coefficient three regional rallies: Paul Bunyan’s Ride and Headwaters) in Bemidji, MN. The team fielded two cars, 171 – a 2004 Open Class Subaru STI of Carl Siegler and Dave Goodman and 858 – a 2002 Open Light Subaru Impreza of Anthony Israelson and Jason Standage. In addition the team also supported the 558 Group 5 S10 of Jim Cox and Dan Drury.

This rally would be the first two day event for Anthony and Jason as well as Dan. It would also be their first time using Jemba notes. The team and their service crew, led by Matt Alexander, arrived in Bemidji Thursday night and were at registration and tech bright and early so the boys would have plenty of time to learn the foreign language that is Jemba under the guidance of their more experienced teammates.

Late in the afternoon on Friday the cars assembled at the Northwest Technical College and then proceeded to transit to the first stage of the Paul Bunyan’s Ride Rally. Carl and Dave faced stiff competition from Hintz, Krolikowski, Topor, Moyle, and Fetela and knew a strong drive would be needed to place well. The first three stages went smoothly aside from damaging the subframe hitting a very large dip too fast but the car remained drivable. All the Ziptie cars returned to service intact although 858 got to experience their first flat tire on SS2. After a reseed the cars were back out on the road. A consistent performance of the 171 car put them 3rd out behind Hintz and Krolikowski.

The second half of the night remained uneventful. The 558 truck experienced overheating of both the transmission and engine but was able to endure and finish. Their efforts were rewarded with a 12th Overall and 2nd In-class finish. 858 kept air in all four tires and placed 13th Overall and 2nd In-class. 171 could not make any ground on the leaders and settled for 3rd Overall, 3rd In-class.

After a short night the teams were up Saturday morning to begin re-prepping the cars. Jim and Dan focused on getting 558’s temperatures under control and the service crew began working on a front alignment issue as well as a multiple cylinder misfire on 858. 171 needed some attention to the turbocharger and boost control system after exhibiting loss of power the night before. With repairs completed the cars were back to the Technical College for Parc Expose.

The team completed the first half of Headwaters without much excitement aside from 858. Anthony and Jason had bad luck again when they flatted another tire on SS3. They also tried to tow out both Erik Hill and Dillon Van Way on SS3 after both their cars broke down. Unfortunately the Open Light Impreza did not have enough power to pull either car up the rolling stages of Headwaters.

The second half saw more AAA action from 858 as the boys tried to tug Chris Greenhouse’s Neon back onto the road but again did not have the necessary torque. Ziptie Rally roadside assistance will have to wait until a turbocharger can be fitted back on 858. Headwaters ended with 171 4th Overall, 4th In-class; 858 13th Overall, 2nd In-class; and 558 9th Overall, 1st In-class. For the combined weekend, both 171 and 558 finished 3rd in awd and 3rd in 2wd earning them a piece of the NOS Energy Drink purse.

Ziptie Rally would like to thank NOS Energy Drink, Morries Minnetonka Subaru, Gearhead Graphics, The Four Firkins, Carbonetic/Across USA, ContourHD, Team Powder, RS Motors, Import Image Racing and Graham Evans Motors for their support. For more info on the team visit

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Photos by Amanda Ingle



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