International Rally New York ( is the penultimate round of the United States Rally Championship ( Each day of the rally is a separate round of the New York Rally Championship. This motorsport competition will take place on September 10 and 11 in the beautiful southern Catskill Mountains of New York, merely ninety miles northwest of New York City.

The minimum of $17,000 in sponsorship money will be in play at the International Rally New York.

Top teams from the Atlantic Division of the United States Rally Championship will be competing for $12,000 in travel subsidies to attend the final round of the 2010 United States Rally Championship at Prescott, Arizona on October 1 – 2, 2010. The teams with the best chance to earn the travel subsidy are as follows:

All-Wheel-Drive Championship – two subsidies: Donnelly, McCormack, Lawless, Osterman

Production All-Wheel-Drive Cup – one subsidy: Gottlieb, Cosgrove

Two-Wheel-Drive Championship – two subsidies: Detota, David, Greer, Carven, Mathias

Production Two-Wheel-Drive Cup – one subsidy: Levesque, Bridwell

Others may become eligible for a subsidy if the drivers above falter at International Rally New York.

Robert AC2DC will again sponsor three teams at the International Rally New York to the tune of $3,000. Robert Cella will announce his selection shortly. The sponsored teams will be selected from the teams that place themselves on the entry list.

Moore-Sport Inc. ( under its own USRC Support Program will award at the International Rally New York the total of $1,050 in cash rewards redeemable for competition products.

The prize fund guarantees that teams in top 30 percent of all finishers at the International Rally New York, including at least one production car and one two-wheel-drive car, will be awarded $200 each in prize money.

In addition, Albins Gear (, the “Official Gearbox and Drivetrain Supplier to USRC,” will award points under its USRC Contingency Program that will pay $7,500 in product credits at the conclusion of the 2010 Season.

Competitors participating in the New York Rally Championship (, sponsored by Tearoff Guys ( and presented by Thunder 102 Rally Radio ( will compete for the prestigious Thunder 102 Cup to be awarded at the end of the 2010 Season.

Furthermore, TreadZone ( has announced that all 2010 Rally New York events have been added to TreadZone Competition Tire Contingency Program. TreadZone has recently become the Eastern Distributor for Yokohama rally tires and has both gavel and tarmac rally tires available. In addition, TreadZone is a direct Dealer for Toyo, Michelin, BFG, Uniroyal and Goodyear tires.



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