Cage This, a race and rally car roll cage design and fabrication shop, has announced that it will sponsor a new rally venture, Slapdash Racing.

“I’m excited about teaming up with Slapdash,” said Cage This CEO Bill Doyle, a 15-year master welder and fabricator. “While I’ve been around the rally scene for a few years now as a driver, co-driver and car builder, so it’s cool to see a start-up take to the stages. Especially when we’ll both be running E30 BMWs.”

Slapdash owner and driver Kris Gove is equally excited about the partnership. “This is literally a dream coming true. I’m watching my own vision come to life and Cage This is helping make that happen.”

Already on his second rally BMW, after a roll that obliterated the first car, Doyle has driven the last few rallies with finishing success. Gove’s ’88 325is is still being assembled, but he hopes to make his first stage rally this fall.

About Cage This:
Owned and operated by Bill Doyle, of Lynn, Mass., Cage This is a full service welding shop located just north of Boston specializing in designing, fabricating, constructing and installing roll cages built to the specifications of any sanctioning body’s rules, including the FIA, the SCCA, Rally America, Formula Drift, NASA and NHRA. For more information on Cage This, visit their web site at

About Slapdash Racing:
Slapdash Racing, a fledgling, fly-by-night operation, started two years ago with the purchase of a vintage BMW and a lifelong dream to stage rally. Owner and driver Kris Gove has no actual racing experience. So this should be interesting. For more information, visit Slapdash’s equally fledgling web site at



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