As the United States Rally Championship (USRC, passes the midpoint of its sixth season with three events completed, competition is heating up in all categories on both sides of the country. 110 competitors, drivers and co-drivers, have participated in the Championship by midseason. All USRC events provide for two-pass reconnaissance and allow pace notes.

The United States Rally Championship awards separate National Championship titles in the 2WD (Two-Wheel-Drive) category and in the AWD (All-Wheel-Drive) category. In addition, eligible crews compete for the 2WD Production Cup and the AWD Production Cup.

In the Atlantic Division and overall, the Irish driver Celsus Donnelly in a Mitsubishi Lancer is leading the AWD Championship at midseason. With two different co-drivers, Donnelly won tarmac Rally New York USA and placed fifth after mechanical difficulties at New York Winter Rally in difficult icy conditions. Another Irish team of Enda McCormack with co-driver Tommy Doyle, who flies in for the USRC events all the way from Ireland, in a Mitsubishi Lancer is second. Tom Lawless, the winner of New York Winter Rally and the 2005 United States Rally Champion, is in the third place also driving with different co-drivers in a Mitsubishi Lancer. The leading codrivers are Tommy Doyle, Joseph Sinkevich and Austin Gager. In the Pacific Division, the leading crew is Wolfgang Hoeck with Pierce O’Hanlon in a Mitsubishi Lancer who won Rally Idaho. Keith Jackson and Marra Estep, the 2009 United States Rally Champions, in a Subaru Impreza are second followed by Dick Rockrohr and Marie Jacobs in a Subaru Impreza in the third place.

In the 2WD Championship in the Atlantic Division, Erica Detota and Jason Smith in a 2WD Subaru Impreza are leading after gaining two excellent second places. The Romanian crew of Claudiu David and Mihaela Beldie are in the second place after winning New York Winter Rally. Tarmac specialists and the winners of Rally New York USA Thomas Greer and Robert DellaRocko in a Volkswagen GTI are third. In the Pacific Division, Chris and Lori O’Driscoll in a Honda CRX are leading after winning Rally Idaho. Alex Rademacher and John Stewart in a Subaru Impreza are second and John Black with Jon Burke in a Ford Ranger are in the third place.

Subaru team of Matt Gottlieb and Austin Gager is leading the AWD Production Cup in the Atlantic Division with two wins in the category. Another Subaru team of Dan Rockrohr and Eve Thomason is leading the AWD Production Cup in the Pacific Division with one win.

Steven Levesque with Steve McKelvie in a BMW M3 from the Atlantic Division are sharing the first place in the 2WD Production Cup with the Pacific Division crew of Alex Rademacher and John Stewart who are driving a 2WD Subaru Impreza.

The United States Rally Championship will continue with the remaining events that include Gorman Ridge Rally ( in California, International Rally New York ( and the final round of the 2010 Championship – Prescott Rally ( in Arizona.

Atlantic Division teams are competing for coveted cash travel subsidies that will be awarded to top six teams in the Division. The total of $12,000 in subsidies will be distributed to Atlantic Division teams to assist them with travelling to the final round of the 2010 United States Rally Championship at Prescott, Arizona.

The United States Rally Championship is taking bold steps to make national competition more affordable and accessible to a larger number of rally teams. This is the fourth season of the new Championship structure that minimizes or, for many teams, eliminates the need for repeated cross-country travel during the Championship season by providing competition on each side of the country. The final round of the Championship at the end of the year counts both in the Atlantic Division and the Pacific Division and together with the results from all previous rounds decides the top spots in the Championship.

Photo by Pete Kuncis: Celsus Donnelly and Brian McNamara on their way to win Rally New York USA 2010 in the spectacular Catskill Mountains of southern New York



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