Andrew "ACP" Comrie-Picard on the famous Concord Pond stage at the New England Forest Rally 2010. Credit: Mat Janiak, World Rally Sport

NEWRY, Maine (ACP Racing) July 19, 2010 – NOS Energy rally driver
Andrew “ACP” Comrie-Picard suffered an electrical fire in their
Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 10 on the second-to-last stage of the New
England Forest Rally this past weekend and were unable to finish the
hot and difficult event.

Despite running as high as fourth overall, the team suffered from an
exhaust leak that melted the shift linkage, damaged the wiring
harness, and melted Comrie-Picard’s right shoe to the floorboard.

“It was just one of those things – a downpipe failed, and given the
high ambient temps and the heat of the exhaust, things just started
melting. Thankfully my high-temp suit and race boots allowed me to
keep driving even when it got so hot that the shift cables distorted,
which made shifting really hard. But when the harness melted, the car
quit” said Comrie-Picard.

ACP and the ACP Racing team use Oakley safety equipment. The paint and
sealant on the footwell melted but ACP’s shoe was undamaged.

The damage to the wiring harness caused a small electrical fire which
the team put out on the side of the penultimate stage. Co-driver Adam
Kneipp kept his composure reading the notes even while coughing from
the smoke.

“It was disappointing for sure,” said Comrie-Picard, “but the car is
basically undamaged so we’re looking to the next event already.”

The team is en route to California and preparing for the X Games on
July 30-31. Comrie-Picard will run both Rally Car Racing and
SuperRally events, and his teammate on the SHR Dodge Motorsports Drift
team, Samuel Hubinette, will compete in SuperRally in one of ACP
Racing’s cars also.

ABOUT THE DRIVER: Andrew Comrie-Picard is the current North American
Rally Champion and in 2010 will return to compete in X Games for a
fifth time. He also drifts at the professional level for Dodge
Motorsports and BFGoodrich in the FormulaD drift championship in a
Viper. When he isn’t racing, Comrie-Picard works in film, television,
and print media as an automotive expert; he hosts the television show
Ultimate Car Build-off
( airing at 9pm
Mondays on Discovery Channel. He lives in Los Angeles, California.

The ACP Rally program is made possible by: NOS Energy
(, K&N (, BFGoodrich
(, Motul (, AMS
(, Brian Crower (, JE
(, Exedy (,



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