For the last ten years Greasecar Vegetable Fuel Systems of Holyoke, MA has been manufacturing and distributing conversion systems that allow diesel engines to run on used cooking oils. Two years ago in an effort to demonstrate the performance and reliability of their technology the company formed a motorsports division to build and campaign alternative fuel diesel powered race cars to compete with and beat their gasoline powered competition. The first effort was a Class 5 Unlimited Baja bug which ran the 2008 and 2009 Baja 1000 and the complete 2009 SCORE desert racing series, taking several podium finishes.

Building on what they learned from the Baja racer, in early 2009 the team began construction of a 1979 VW Rabbit turbodiesel stage rally car. By May 2009 the veggie-powered racer was complete and began competing in regional rally and hillclimb races to develop the car with the goal of competing in several championship series in 2010.

Today, half-way though their first full season of rally racing, the Greasecar Motorsports team has been taking consistent 2WD podium finishes in Rally America, Rally New York, United States Rally Championship and Canadian Rally Series events. Currently the team is sitting in first place in Rally America Eastern Regional Group 5 and Rally NY 2WD Championships and fourth in Rally America Overall Eastern Regional and USRC 2WD Championships.

“We’ve been impressed with the performance of the car through the rough conditions of stage rally,” explains driver and team captain Justin Carven. “We’ve learned a lot about competition vehicle construction and preparation over the last year that has helped us constantly adjust and stay competitive.”

The upcoming New England Forest Rally will be the final round of the 2010 Rally America Championship and will be drawing heavy competition from around the country. The Greasecar team is currently conducting a full re-prep of the car for this final round with the hopes of maintaining their first in class position and improving their overall standing. With some power enhancements and a thorough refreshing, the team hopes to have an edge on the competition

For 2011 the team has their sites on the Rally America National 2WD Championship and are currently constructing a 2000 VW Golf which hopes to offer the durability and performance necessary to compete on the national platform.

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