Ziptie Rally Team (ZRT) had a successful outing at the Nemadji Trail 1A and 1B performance rallies. The two coefficient 1 rallies were held May 8th out of Duquette, MN. This was the first event where ZRT fielded two cars – car 171, an Open Class 2004 STI, driven by Carl Siegler and co-driven by Dave Goodman and car 858, an Open Light 2002 Impreza driven by Anthony “Izzy” Israelson and co-driven by Jason Standage. This was the first rally for Anthony and Jason.

The day started out sour when the 858 Impreza lost 2 cylinders on the drive from Finlayson to Duquette and had to be loaded back on the trailer. The skilled service crew led by Matt “Chux” Alexander quickly went to work diagnosing the engine and had 858 running back at 100% before registration opened! The crew continued working on setting up the cars as the morning went on. A fresh coating of May snow the night before left the roads slick and tires had to be cut and suspensions adjusted on both 171 and 858.

After the driver’s meeting the two teams were ready to take to the stages. Carl and Dave were 3rd on the road and out for redemption after rolling 5 turns into Nemadji Trail 3 in 2009. The slippery road presented many unpredictable corners and Carl took a very controlled and safe approach onto the stages. The result was a 2nd overall and 2nd in-class finish for the 171 car in Nemadji 1A.

For Izzy and Jason, SS1 of Nemadji 1A would be their very first time attacking a rally stage. A trial by fire, the duo had to quickly adjust to using their rally computer and route book. Things went without issue and the 858 car safely reached the final MTC of Nemadji 1A sitting 12 overall and 1st in-class.

In service things got hectic when the 171 car developed a large post MAF leak and began dripping power-steering fluid heavily onto the header and engine block. Once again, the professional ZRT service crew set to work repairing 171 and getting 858 ready for Nemadji 1B. The guys did a fantastic job as usual and both cars were out onto transit on time.

The sun was out and the road was drying quickly. The added grip led to an overall faster time for Carl and Dave but it was not enough to hold off a hard charging Silas Himes who dropped 171 to 3rd overall and 2nd in-class for Nemadji 1B. Izzy and Jason picked up the pace and drove to a higher finishing position of 10th overall and 1st in-class.

Ziptie Rally is based out of Golden Valley, MN. They are supported by Graham Evans Motors, NOS Energy Drinks, Morries Minnetonka Subaru, The Four Firkins, Loch Jewelers, RS Motors, Import Image Racing, and Gearhead Graphics. The next event for 858 will be Gravity Park and STPR for 171. For more information visit or look them up on Facebook.



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