Rally America will be beta testing a new race tracking technology called StageTrack at their up coming National event; 100 Acre Wood in Salem, Missouri.

StageTrack operates on an array of technologies that will allow fans and spectators to keep up-to-date on events at the race through StageTrack’s web site (stagetrack.net). Three teams, the Ford backed Monster World Rally Team, Subaru Rally Team USA, and Rally-Tire.com will also be taking advantage of StageTrack’s quasi real-time tracking system.Another of StageTrack’s features lets fans and spectators interact as well by linking in technologies like Twitter with its Geo-coding ability to allow spectators at the event to communicate what’s happening or what their up to.

“StageTrack offers an exciting range of benefits for all of those involved in a race event whether its a Sponsor, Organization, Team or Fan.” said Brian McGuire, Director of Systems Development for StageTrack.

When asked about initial feedback of the product, Kendall Beymer, StageTrack’s Director of Business Development said “I received a flood of emails within a couple hours after Rally America announced our technology and presence to the 100 Acre Wood competitors.It seems teams, drivers, and the organizers are all very excited.”

Vermont Sports Car, home of Subaru Rally Team USA has been on board with the idea since first approached by StageTrack. Dave Mirra, driver for Team Subaru, said “Let’s do it!”

Rally America, a Minneapolis, Minnesota-based corporation, was created in 2002.



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