Armindo Araujo & Miguel Ramalho and the RalliArt Italy’s Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X have gained the 3rd position in the first 2010 P-WRC round, the Rally of Sweden.

“We finished on the podium so we are very happy,” Armindo said. “It was the best possible result for us and at this point it has given me the confidence I needed to go for this Championship win again this year.”

The nordic drivers were the predicted winners of the race: the Swedish Patrik Flodin was first and the Norwegian Anders Grondal the second. Armindo was immediately in fight for the third place, then become a duel with the Mitsubishi of Martin Semerad, one of the title’s great pretender.

A fight three day long, and Armindo Araujo was absolutely clever and effective: in the rear at the start, then he overtook the rival and kept the position. Finally Semerad went down in the 5th position, leaving the 4th to Frisiero.

Now the 2010 program of the Portuguese crew, supported by Galp, TMN and Mitsubishi, schedules two rallies outside the Europe: Mexico (March, 5-7) and Jordan (April, 1-3).

2010 P-WRC Standings (after round 1 of 9*): 1. Flodin 25 points, Grondal 18, 3. Araujo 15, 4. Frisiero 12, 5. Semerad 10, 6. Muhonen 8, 7. Linari 6, 8. Nobre 4.
* It’s possible to score points in 6 events of 9.



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