New York Winter Rally, January 23 – 24
Rally New York USA, April 16 – 17
Idaho Rally, July 16 – 17
Gorman Ridge Rally, California, August 27 – 28
International Rally New York, September 9 – 11
Prescott Rally, Arizona, October 1 – 2

A Two-Wheel-Drive Championship to run in parallel with the All-Wheel-Drive Championship as it has for the previous two years. National Championship titles will be awarded to winning drivers and winning co-drivers.

The United States Rally Championship has introduced many innovations and advancements into the US rallying by allowing great latitude in the way the events are organized and presented. USRC’s streamlined schedule and strategic locations make it the right choice for competitors. The format offers rally teams the opportunity to compete in the National Championship in either the Atlantic Division or the Pacific Division without the overwhelming travel costs required to traverse the continent several times in a single season. As a result, 197 competitors, drivers and co-drivers, participated during the 2009 USRC season, the most of any US series.

The final round of the Championship at the end of the year counts both in the Atlantic Division and the Pacific Division and together with the results from all previous rounds decides the top spots in the Championship. Competitors may count three best scores toward the Championship. As a new feature of the 2010 season, competitors may improve their best scores by up to two scores achieved out of their home Division. Atlantic Division teams will be competing for $12,000 in subsidies to assist them with travelling to the Final Round of the 2010 United States Rally Championship in Prescott, Arizona.

The 2010 season kicks off with a brand new winter event in January developed by Rally New York, Ltd. The New York Winter Rally is a welcome addition to the USRC. This snow rally will be a first for the USRC and helps to round out the six-event calendar after some changes from the 2009 event lineup. The season continues with Rally New York USA, the only National Championship event in North America running on tarmac roads.

The Pacific Division begins the 2010 season with Rallydrift, Inc.’s Idaho Rally, a gravel event in July. Based in Boise, this “must attend” event plans to be bigger and better than ever with new roads in the mix.

The Championship continues with two more closely spaced gravel events, one in the Pacific Division and the other in the Atlantic Division. The long-time favorite Gorman Ridge Rally in California fills the traditional slot in late August and International Rally New York moves next year to a new date in early September.

The organizing team of the 23rd annual Prescott Rally is pleased to host the Final Round of the United States Rally Championship and the Year-End Awards Ceremony for the next two years in Prescott, Arizona. This gravel event held in the high deserts of Arizona in early October will offer a fitting conclusion to the USRC’s 2010 season.

The United States Rally Championship will continue its bold steps to make national competition more affordable and accessible to a larger number of rally teams. The Championship season consists of a combination of winter, gravel and tarmac events. Events of the United States Rally Championship allow for reconnaissance and pace notes. The variety of rallies with different surfaces, full reconnaissance and pace notes make the United States Rally Championship unique in North America as no other series in North America encompasses all these features.

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