New York Winter Rally 2010 is a brand new snow and gravel rally that has become the first round of the 2010 United States Rally Championship. Each day is also a separate round of the New York Rally Championship.

This is for the first time ever in North America that studded tires are authorized on a National Championship rally. Competitors will be able to use off the shelf snow and ice tires equipped with tire studs commonly available for passenger cars and light trucks.

Two-pass reconnaissance and pace notes are also authorized same as on any other previous Rally New York event during the last five years.

A prize fund guarantees that each team in top 30 percent of finishers, including at least one production car and at least one two-wheel-drive car, will win $200 in prize money.

The two-day New York Winter Rally 2010 will utilize a new compact schedule. Registration will start on Friday in late afternoon instead of customary Wednesday night. Two-pass reconnaissance will be performed on Saturday morning. Racing will start on Saturday afternoon and the rally will end on Sunday in mid-afternoon. The rally takes place only 90 miles northwest of New York City and is run according to international FIA regulations.

Online entry, entry list and further information about New York Winter Rally 2010 is available at www.RallyNewYork.com.



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