foto-2“It is the greatest day of my rally career” – Andi Mancin describes the16th of October when
it became clear that the Polish team won the vice-championship title of Rally America 2009. It is a historic result for the Polish motor sport. No other Polish team can boast of such an excellent achievement in the United States.
One of the most important rallies proved to be one of the most difficult. They only managed to drive one special stage out of seventeen in a car of a proper running order. Problems with their Mitsubishi and its engine, that worked on merely three cylinders, prevented Andi and Maciek from competing on an equal level to their rivals. However, soon enough it turned out the strongest rival of Andi – Andrew Comrie-Picard is also experiencing tough luck. During the 6th trial his car suffered an engine failure, as a result, the engine exploded forcing the second challenger for the title to withdraw from further competition. At that stage it became clear that the final general classification of the season would shape as follows: 1. Travis Pastarana, 2. Andi Mancin, 3. Andrew Comrie-Picard.
Right from the beginning, Travis Pastarana forced a breakneck pace, therefore, none of the remaining teams could have kept up with it or challenge it. The Subaru driver delivered the 1st place result adding an additional win to his championship title battle. Andi Mancin already free from pressure burden focused most of all on struggling with his car and its numerous breakdowns as technical problems failed to be eliminated during car service stops. Andi Mancin and Maciej Wisławski refused to give up on their pursuit. Thanks to their courageous endeavour they ranked a high 5th position.
The second Revo-Racing team, Arkadiusz Gruszka and Łukasz Wroński, also competed with changeable luck. In the end, they ranked 8th place in the general classification of the Lake Superior Rally and 5th in the Open Class.
We would like to express our thanks to all those who followed the rivalry and results of the Andi Mancin/ Maciej Wisławski team during their first ever appearance in Rally America that proved to be such an outstanding debut.

Andi Mancin: “It is really difficult to put into words what I feel right now. It wasn’t easy
to drive a damaged car but we did our best and managed to defend our 5th position in the rally. Throughout the whole Saturday’s stage, we drove with a damaged engine running merely three cylinders, as a result our performance, in terms of segment times we achieved, was considerably below our expectations. Due to the constant budget problems, we were not able to fully prepare our Lancer to compete. In terms of performance our car is definitely not a match for our rivals’ cars’. However, most of the teams also experienced some difficulties and had various problems during rallies. I need to emphasize that Andrew Comrie-Picard well-deserves an applause! It was a great pleasure and privilege to pit against him for the title during the last few rallies. I am convinced he will not give up easily and, surely, he will attempt to take revenge and prove he is worthy of his merit. That Friday was, undoubtedly, the most beautiful day of my rally career and the second best day of my life (the first was meeting my beloved wife). I wish to express my heart-felt thanks and gratefulness to all those who, through their hard work, aided me with obtaining this title. We always did our very best and always tried extremely hard to produce the best possible results. However, I do need
to admit that even in my boldest dreams I didn’t expect that we will crown our efforts with such a huge success. I would like to express my gratitude to Maciek for that he accepted the challenge and that we both managed to hang on to the final rally. It is a great honour for me to have such an outstanding and talented co-driver in our team. Maciek’ s apt advise and experience enabled me to develop my skills and helped me to modify my style of driving to a great extent. I would like to thank all our sponsors, namely: Zdzisław Krzemiński, the KAM company and Pirelli – the American division. Their support made it possible to compete in the series of rallies. I wish to thank my mechanics and Arek Gruszka as well as his mechanics of the Revo-Racing team. Also I wish to express my gratefulness to Maciek Sawicki and all those people in Poland, the United States, and Italy for the enormous amount of hard work they put into our team and for the very fact that they never stopped supporting us and our efforts. I want to thank my family and my wife for all the support they gave me. Also, I wish to thank all our fans who always believed in us and our shared success. We truly wish to come back here next year, so, as soon as we arrive back home we aim to start preparations for the 2010 season. I really hope we will be able to assemble adequate budget funds and, therefore, eliminate problems such as those that bothered us throughout this season so that we can entirely focus on driving alone and on defending our title. Abounding in gained experience we will definitely achieve even better results.”
foto-4 Maciej Wisławski: “What just a year ago seemed to be only a dream became reality – we are the vice-champions of America. I am very proud of what Andi achieved and I am proud
of this beautiful chapter we share in our motor sport career. At the beginning of this year, in an interview I said that I wish to support talented and promising drivers. My words proved correct. Andi Mancin turned out to be a mature and gifted driver. Andi, in contrast to the rest of the field, completed the most of rallies, that is eight out of the total nine. We had to withdraw only once having suffered a breakdown. We quickly found a common language and started working towards this great success. Andi learns incredibly easily and gained experience pays dividends fast. It also happened this time around. We had a great rally finish against all odds. We also made a good use of the apt advise we were given by the members of the Pirelli crew that supported us throughout the rally. I am extremely proud that since last Friday I can call myself a champion of two continents. The commemorative crystal cup of Rally America and the European Championship Cup will both be placed on my shelf one by the other. Those trophies are equal for me in my career. The one we won in America is the more hard-fought one because those rallies are more difficult than those of the European championship. Moreover, we drive there with no previous reconnaisance what increases the level of difficulty. Those were our debut starts in America and despite that were able to defeat a lot of teams more experienced than ours. Furthermore, those teams often had at their disposal budget funds incomparable to ours and cars faster than our Mitsubishi. I owe many thanks to our brilliant team, but most of all we need to thank Maciej Sawicki who became our X-Games coordinator. His experience and hard work proved valuable as it brought much order and calm to our team. I wish to thank our fans for their warm words of support. Keep your fingers crossed for our results in the 2010 season as we want to come back to those scenic rally routes as soon as possible.”
Maciej Sawicki: “It is a great honour for me to be a coordinator of this brilliant and well-integrated team. We did an enormous amount of excellent work and, as a result, our fantastic Polish team obtained this historic success. Those people proved to be a harmonious crew
of two sportsmen each just in the right place. It was extremely tough at times mainly because of the budget issues, but, we always managed to pull ourselves together to deliver the result.
I am very happy that the Polish team reached such an excellent position in the classification and that it became such an important competitor in the championship. The number of our fans within the Polish community is rising fast. Also, we can see more and more Polish flags waving during rallies. I would like to personally express my gratefulness to the sponsors – KAM and Pirelli. Thanks to the support of Pirelli we had access to the best tires of the best category of quality. Pirelli engineers helped us to choose the best option from the selection of tires and to service them. It was fantastic to see how Andi developed his skills and I am happy to admit I had my share in this process. I hope that the next season our cooperation will prove to be equally fruitful and that we will achieve even greater success.”



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