RSport Rally driver Scott Trinder and Navigator Bill Westhead have entered the 2009 Pacific Forest Rally, Round 5 of the Canadian National Rally Championship. This year’s event will be held out of Merritt, BC on October 2nd and 3rd.

The 2009 running of the Pacific Forest Rally (PFR) is scheduled to run 3 weeks earlier than its historical date at the end of October. PFR has proven to be a strategic event for rally teams over the years as varying weather and road conditions have made tire selection the make or break decision for securing a spot on the podium. The event’s longest stage, Helmer, is all downhill and would typically encounter snow for the first 10km, then mud for the remainder. This year, snow is unlikely with the early October start date, however drama could be in the cards as the latest weather reports indicate rain for Friday night in Merritt which may fall as snow at the higher stage elevations.

“I love a challenge and enjoy running in mixed road conditions; I would be really excited to see snow, however, with the high daytime temperatures I don’t suspect we will see any more than a dusting,” said Scott

Friday night will be a challenge for competitors right out of the start gate with the combination of the night stages, rain, sleet, mud and possibly snow. “I love rallying at night. The level of concentration is amplified, and the trust in the pace notes needs to be 100%. It’s really amazing how bright you can make the dark stages with the right lights; our PIAA light pod has four lights that mount on the hood of the car. There are 2 pencil beams in the middle for seeing far down the road and 2 fog lenses on the outside to fill in the shadows. We also have two more lights in the bumper aimed down at the edge of the road to help see as the car is sliding sideways,” said Scott.

Bill feels confident going into this year’s rally. “This is our home event and Scott knows many of the stages well. I will be doing everything during recce to ensure the pace notes are as accurate as possible giving Scott the ability to drive at his best,” said Bill. Pace notes are created by teams prior to the event outlining the speeds at which corners and jumps can be driven.

After winning a stage at PFR 2008 the RSport Rally team was battling for a podium position when a structural part of the car let go. “Our approach to this year’s event is to follow the same strategy we had last year before the strut tower failed. We plan to challenge for a spot on the podium!” said Scott.

“Bill and I are very excited to attack at this years event as we are not in a championship hunt. Last year we showed good speed in our underpowered 2litre turbo Subaru against the newer 2.5litre turbo engines in the latest Subaru variants,” said Scott

RSport Rally would like to thank Bridgestone Tires, Ampco Grafix, Open Road Richmond Auto Body, Paficic Part, PIAA, Dragon Optical, Techworks Engineering, AMT Machine Shop, Pennzoil, NGK.

Press Photo: Andrew Snucins



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