In 2002 when Jens Schkade moved from Germany to Idaho, he realized the great potential for Rally Sport events in the Boise Valley and surrounding area. The Idaho state had everything from long , cresty, wide and fast desert roads to narrow, winding switchbacks, elevation changing mountain roads; an ideal mixture for a high quality car rally event. Besides the roads there are other important factors which make for a great event. The road surface, “decomposed granite,” (a natural soil that doesn’t require expensive transportation for road repairs) is an ideal rally ground. Besides that the tires have great traction and drivers really like that.

So Schkade went to work and created an event in Owyhee County in 2007. The year after the rally was relocated to Elmore County. The Trinity Mountain Area proved to be one of the best in North America. From here on the event developed dramatically. With the quality and quantity of the roads given the event qualified to be a United States Rally Championship (USRC) Race. Two more Championships had joined the same year, the California Rally Series and the Pacific North West Rally Championship. The series were very competitive and brought teams from across the West and Canada.

Everybody involved was overwhelmed by the beautiful scenery and road conditions. “I have run all but a few rallies in the US and I am telling you none compare to this one. The roads are smooth, wide and have plenty of turns for any rear wheel drive car to hang it out,” said 2008 event winning driver Brian Scott.

“We wanted to add on to last year’s success. So we came up with something very special for this year. Besides adding Bikes to the competitor field we established a class very unique for the States. The IR Unlimited Class is the only one who allows unrestricted rally vehicles to enter a race. We are very happy to be where we are. Some of the best Championships in the Nation have recognized our event,” explains Jens Schkade, Event Chairman.

For 2009 the Idaho Rally was chosen by another Organization to qualify as an event – the two-wheel-drive championship MaxAttack!.

This year’s event will be based out of Mountain Home on July 9-11. Teams will go out as far as Pine and Featherville. A rally race is run against the time. Competitors leave in two minute intervals. A blocked off and manned road section transforms from a quiet dirt road into a high performance race track. The driver must be on high alert at all times due to the changes lying ahead of them. A co-driver reads out notes via an intercom system, which tell the angle of the corner ahead. The driver then adjusts his speed and sets up the car to enter the corner. You can only imagine how exciting it is to slide sideways at 80mph, listing to instructions and prepare for the next turn.

A big spectator area is prepared 20 miles out of Mountain Home along Hwy 20 for Saturday July 11th. There you can see the cars come from far away just to hang a sharp corner and hit a jump right in front of you. Cars and teams can be viewed in downtown Mountain Home before the race. A service area is set up behind the Best Western Hotel right off Exit 95 on I-84. All facilities are free of charge to the public.

An event like this depends on volunteers and sponsorship. Roads need blocked off, communication systems established, EMT’s are put in place and Law Enforcement ensures the safety of the drivers and public. For more information on the event or how to become a volunteer please visit www.idahorally.com.

We would like to thank our Title Sponsor Larry Miller Subaru and sub-sponsors Johnson Brother Hospitality, Eibach Springs, RB Components, ProComm and Stand21 for their continuing efforts, all Volunteers, the Mountain Home Highway District, Elmore County Sheriff Office, the City of Mountain Home and everybody else involved.

Helpful Information:
Idaho Rally www.idahorally.com
USRC www.unitedstatesrallychampionship.com
CRS www.californiarallyseries.com
Max Attack www.max-attack.com
PNWRC www.northwestrally.com
Larry Miller Subaru www.boisesubaru.com



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