Despite stiff competition, Bill Holmes and Sean Gallagher clench another overall victory for their 2009 season.

The rally racing team consisting of driver Bill Holmes of Malibu, California and co-driver Sean Gallagher of Santa Ana, California raced the Ford F-150 truck in the Desert Storm Rally, which is a Southwest Rally Series event held on March 21st-22nd.

The 2 day event took place on both dirt and pavement and covered a broad area. The race was headquartered out of Blythe, California. It quickly went into the Arizona desert and out to the Yuma Proving Grounds, racing on high speed dirt roads. The event then went back to the Lucas Oils Speedway in Blythe, California for some timed hot laps on the speedway. Then the race took them through some extremely rocky roads in the dark desert night of California, and finished in California on Sunday afternoon after more high speed roads.

After finishing the night stage Bill took an opportunity to thank his new sponsor, KC Hilites. He stated, “I know the BFG’s can take the beating these rocks deliver and I know the Bilstein shocks can absorb the impact from them so I can stay in control. These new lights make all the difference though. When you can see as well driving at night as you can driving at noon, the rocks never even get a chance to sneak up on you. It adds a whole new level of speed and safety on the night stages.”

The team started first on the road with vehicles starting every 2 minutes. After a slow start on the first few stages there was a reseed and Bill and Sean were reseeded back to third. This was not a problem for the team since they drive their fastest when they have someone to catch. On the next reseed they were seeded in 2nd. On Sunday morning, with Holmes and Gallagher slowly gaining on Doug Chernis, the first place competitor, Doug crashed on a high speed section of dirt road. This gave the overall lead to Holmes who held onto it for the rest of the day. Holmes then went on to win the Super Special Stage held at the Palo Verde College in Blythe, California.

This event is the third event for the team in 2009 and is also their third overall win in the 09 season. The next event for the team will be the Northern Nevada Rally, held on June 20, 2009.



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