rny09_plateRally New York organization has announced a change of the date for its 2009 Rally New York USA.

The 2009 Rally New York USA will take place on April 3 – 4, 2009, which is two weeks earlier than previously announced.

We are forced to make this change because of the conflict with the tail end of the spring holiday season in New York, which would have severely limited the availability of hotels for the rally. We regret any inconvenience this change may have caused to those competitors who already made arrangements to attend the rally.

The all-tarmac 2009 Rally New York USA is the first round of the 2009 United States Rally Championship. The event includes two one-day rounds of the New York Rally Championship. Rally New York USA is a unique event in the United States. It is one of the only two all-tarmac rallies in the country.

The United States Rally Championship is taking bold steps to make national competition more affordable and accessible to a larger number of rally teams. The Championship structure minimizes or, for many teams, eliminates the need for repeated cross-country travel during the Championship season by providing competition on each side of the country. The final round of the Championship at the end of the year counts both in the Atlantic Division and the Pacific Division and together with the results from all previous rounds decides the top spots in the Championship. Pacific Division teams will be again competing for $12,000 in travel subsidies to attend the final round in New York.

Rally New York, Ltd. also presents the International Rally New York on October 23 – 24, 2009. This gravel event is the final round of the 2009 United States Rally Championship. All Rally New York events are conducted according to the international rules with reconnaissance on Thursday and two days of racing on Friday and Saturday. Most events in the United States Rally Championship allow for reconnaissance of the rally course.

More information on the United States Rally Championship can be found at www.usrallychampionship.com. Information on Rally New York events and on New York Rally Championship is at www.RallyNewYork.com.



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