by: Koski Pekka


Mitsubishi took 1- 2 in the final results as Juha Salo repeated his victory in Arctic and our other driver Kosti Katajamaki secured second highest points. Fastets Subaru-driver Jari Ketomaa collected 3rd highest points.
After leg one on Friday Ketomaa was leading by 9,9 seconds before Katajamaki and Salo was 13,2 from Subaru-driver. As the starting order for the opening leg was same as last years championship ranking, Salo opened the road and clean braking points for others.
On leg two Ketomaa was first car on road, followed by Katajamaki and Salo. Salo started his attack on the second legs opening stages and already on the first one he clocked 10.9 second faster time than his ex-team mate Ketomaa and on the second Salo was 14 sec faster and leading the rally by 11,7 seconds. Kosti Katajamaki did good job as well and dropped Ketomaa 3rd in list.

Finally Salo drove the second leg 46,2 seconds faster than Ketomaa, which is egual to 0, 4 sec / km.

New Evolution X

Total 4 new Evolutions entered into Arctic Rally. Salo & Katajamaki will take new car in action later as we havent have a change to test the enought yet and current cars are still available.
Best benchmark of those 4 is Jukka Ketomaki, who was in our team 2001- 2003 and then went for a Subaru for some years. Last year he drove FRC in Gr A with Skoda WRC, but managed due to technical problems collect only 130 stage kilometres during whole year out of almost 1000 km which are available. So when evaluating his perfomance we have be aware that he was missing competitive kilometres a lot, so wrists where quite rusted and he had time only for 140 test kilometres with the new car before the event. All in all he drove trouble free rally, no technical problems at all ! He was as in some stages already only 0,2 / 0,3 seconds slower than stages best time and thats just the difference with in my data he has as a driver to Salo and Katajamaki.So I could say that technically already now X is as fast as IX, which we have developing for resent 2 years.

Fastest SS times
Juha Salo 6
Jari Ketomaa 1
Kosti Katajamaki 1

Speed scale
Fastest average SS-speed 120 km/h
Slowest average SS-speed 77 km/h (Super SS at local horsetrack)
Salo average speed whole rally 115 km/h
Top speed on SS (Motec data) 205 km/
Longist time TPS 100 % 38 sec

F1 stars
Current and old F1 stars Kimi Raikkonen (Fiat S2000), Mika Hakkinen (Lancer Evolution IX), Mika Salo (Lancer Evolution IX) and JJ Lehto (Lancer Evolution IX) took the change to enjoy arctic climate and snow covered fast rally route. The big surprise was Kimi Raikkonen, who drove his first ever rally and managed to be 13th overall. His best SS results was 4th on the Super Stage, where he had some advantage to be 19th car on road- but still a fantastic results. The fastes of them was JJ Lehto (also Le Mans winner) he has been driving many rallies and also he lead Arctic Rally Gr N some years ago for a while. Hes final position is 11th. Mika Hakkinen enjoyed and finaly was 19th overall. Mika retired on leg 2 due to T/M failure.



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