The New York Rally Championship (NYRC), presented by Tearoff Guys (, honored its 2008 Champions on Saturday night at the “Night of Champions” that was held at Jose O’Reilly’s ( in Norwood, New Jersey, which is located ten miles north of the George Washington bridge on the New Jersey side of the Hudson River.

The 2008 New York Rally Champions are Maciej Przybysz, Driver and Ole Holter Co-Driver in the All-Wheel-Drive (AWD) category, the team of Hampton Bridwell and Josh Katinger in the Two-Wheel-Drive (2WD) category and the team of Michael Cosgrove and John O’Reilly in PreMod All-Wheel-Drive (PreMod AWD) category.

The Winners of the NYRC Production Cup are Scott Wilburn, Driver and John O’Reilly, Co-Driver in AWD and the team of Hampton Bridwell and Josh Katinger in 2WD. The first three in each category are as follows:

All-Wheel-Drive Driver:

1. Maciej Przybysz – NYRC Driver Champion
2. Scott Wilburn
3. Joseph Burke

All-Wheel-Drive Co-Driver:

1. Ole Holter – NYRC Co-Driver Champion
2. Kristin Przybysz
3. Dominik Jozwiak

Two-Wheel-Drive Driver:

1. Hampton Bridwell – NYRC Driver Champion
2. Simon Wright
3. Dan Brosnan

Two-Wheel-Drive Co-Driver:

1. Josh Katinger – NYRC Co-Driver Champion
2. Kieran Wright
3. Shane McCann

PreMod All-Wheel-Drive Driver:

1. Michael Cosgrove – NYRC Driver Champion
2. John Domitrovits

PreMod All-Wheel-Drive Co-Driver:

1. John O’Reilly – NYRC Co-Driver Champion
2. Chris Pryslopski

All-Wheel-Drive Production Cup Driver:

1. Scott Wilburn – Production Cup Winner
2. Michael Cosgrove
3. Jimmy Keeney

All-Wheel-Drive Production Cup Co-Driver:

1. John O’Reilly – Production Cup Winner
2. Constantine Mantopoulos
3. Aaron Crescenti
3. Melissa Keeney

Two-Wheel-Drive Production Cup Driver:

1. Hampton Bridwell – Production Cup Winner
2. Eric Hansen
3. Richard Spaulding

Two-Wheel-Drive Production Cup Co-Driver:

1. Josh Katinger – Prod. Cup Winner
2. Kim DeMotte
3. Kristin Przybysz

The competitors of the New York Rally Championship honored Fran Gager and Rich Otis with Awards of Merit. The recipients of the 2008 Rally New York Achievement Awards are three additional key members of the Rally New York organization – Kym Garcia, Bernie Obry and Ed Jackson.

The New York Rally Championship consists of four one-day Rally New York events held in the spring and in the fall. In addition, New York Rally Championship competitors earn points by scoring at any rally held in the northeast of the United States, regardless of the sanctioning body. The New York Rally Championship gives New York and Northeast competitors the opportunity to participate in a meaningful Championship without traveling long distances to rallies.

Rally New York, Ltd., the promoter of the New York Rally Championship, is negotiating for venues to hold three new Rallysprints in 2009. If this effort is successful, each Rallysprint would award one half of the points awarded for scoring in a rally.

The first Rallysprint is planned for the end of March in cooperation with Monticello Motor Club ( on tarmac at the Club’s new raceway in Monticello, New York. Two more gravel Rallysprints are planned for the end of June and the beginning of September on smooth gravel roads in Ulster and Delaware Counties. More information on the New York Rally Championship is at



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