At the Year-End Awards Ceremony held at the conclusion of the International Rally New York last Saturday night in Callicoon, New York, the United States Rally Championship (USRC) honored its 2008 Winners and announced the 2009 USRC Calendar.

The 2008 United States Rally Champions are Brian Scott and John Dillon in the All-Wheel-Drive (AWD) category and Bruce Davis and Jimmy Brandt in the Two-Wheel-Drive (2WD) category.

The Winners of the USRC Production Cup are Jimmy and Melissa Keeney in AWD and Kristopher and Christine Marciniak in 2WD. The first three in each category are as follows:

All-Wheel-Drive Driver:
1. Brian Scott – 2008 USRC Driver Champion
2. Jimmy Keeney (corr.)
3. Martin Donnelly (corr.)

All-Wheel-Drive Co-Driver:
1. John Dillon – 2008 USRC Co-Driver Champion
2. Melissa Keeney (corr.)
3. Stephen Duffy (corr.)

Two-Wheel-Drive Driver:
1. Bruce Davis – 2008 USRC Driver Champion
2. Dan Brosnan
3. Kristopher Marciniak

Two-Wheel-Drive Co-Driver:
1. Jimmy Brandt – 2008 USRC Co-Driver Champion
2. Shane McCann
3. Christine Marciniak

All-Wheel-Drive Production Cup Driver:
1. Jimmy Keeney – Production Cup Winner
2. Scott Wilburn
3. David Allan

All-Wheel-Drive Production Cup Co-Driver:
1. Melissa Keeney – Production Cup
2. Tammy Allan
3. John O’Reilly

Two-Wheel-Drive Production Cup Driver:
1. Kristopher Marciniak – Prod. Cup Winner
2. Hampton Bridwell
3. Robert Maunz

Two-Wheel-Drive Production Cup Co-Driver:
1. Christine Marciniak – Prod. Cup Winner
2. Josh Katinger
3. Mark Sackett

The United States Rally Championship announced the following calendar for the 2009 season:

Rally New York USA, April 17 – 18, 2009 (tarmac)
Rally Tennessee, May 22 – 23, 2009 (tarmac)
Rally Idaho, July 9 – 11, 2009 (gravel)
Rally West Virginia, July 31 – August 1, 2009 (gravel)
Gorman Ridge Rally, August 14 – 15, 2009 (gravel)
Prescott Rally, October 2 – 3, 2009 (gravel)
International Rally New York (Finale), October 30 – 31, 2009 (gravel)

Pacific Division teams will be again competing for coveted cash travel subsidies that will be awarded to top six teams in the Division. The total of $12,000 in subsidies will be distributed to Pacific Division teams to assist them with travelling to the final round of the United States Rally Championship in New York.

The United States Rally Championship will continue its bold steps to make national competition more affordable and accessible to a larger number of rally teams. The Championship structure minimizes or, for many teams, eliminates the need for repeated cross-country travel during the Championship season by providing competition on each side of the country. The final round of the Championship at the end of the year counts both in the Atlantic Division and the Pacific Division and together with the results from all previous rounds decides the top spots in the Championship. As a result, 230 competitors, drivers and co-drivers, participated during the 2008 USRC season, more than in any other championship series in North America.

The Championship season consists of a combination of gravel and tarmac events. Most events in the United States Rally Championship allow for reconnaissance and pace notes. Tarmac events, full reconnaissance and pace notes make the United States Rally Championship unique in North America as no other series in North America encompasses all these features. More information on the United States Rally Championship is available at

Photo by Pete Kuncis



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