RSport Rally driver Scott Trinder was on his game this weekend at the Pacific Forest Rally, round 5 of the Canadian National Rally Championship. The team finished the night stages held on Day 1 in 3rd place overall and placed 2nd overall in the regional rally held that day. Trinder finished Day 1 winning one of the nights stages overall!

Day 2 saw the RSport Rally team in a battle that should have been for second place overall if it had not ended in a disappointing fashion. "Scott did not put a wheel wrong all weekend," said Bob. "However, due to metal fatigue, the lifecycle of the body shell reared its head as the team was driving on a transit between two competitive stages."

"We were cruising on the pavement when we noticed a squeaky noise coming from the rear of the car. We looked over our shoulders and the rear strut tower had punched through the body shell. The rear suspension was being held in place by a couple spot welds and we had no choice but to retire," said Scott.

The Richmond Auto Body RSport Rally team could have stopped in for an unscheduled service with the hope that the Subaru National team would weld the car back together; however, such a service comes with a 10 minute penalty. "The deciding factor was the 2 stages we were heading to when we discovered the problem. They were in and out legs meaning that had we been able to repair the damage, we would not have been able to enter the stage anyway because the other competitors would have been rallying back out. "It was one of those 'what coulda been' events," said Bob. "Otherwise I am sure Scott would have taken us to a 2nd place finish overall. In hindsight we were lucky to have discovered the problem at slow speed. If the suspension collapsed at speed on a special stage we could have had quite a significant off," said Bob.

The RSport Rally team proved this weekend that they are able to compete on the same level as the top National teams. The team's car is significantly underpowered compared to their open class rivals and it does not have the technical sophistication in the differentials that the top teams have. "To run in a podium position and to win a stage overall in our car was quite exciting," said Scott

Team sponsor will be going through the car's shell over the next few weeks ensuring any load points are additionally reinforced and tied into the cars internal roll cage.

The next event for the Techworks RSport Rally team is the Cochrane Rally of the Ranchlands held in Cochrane Alberta this winter.

RSport Rally would like to thank: PIAA, Techworks Engineering, Open Road Richmond Auto Body, Pacific Parts, Ampco Grafix, NGK, AMT Machine Shop, Dragon Optical, RMT Contracting, and Bridgestone.

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