PIAA RSport Rally driver Scott Trinder and navigator Bob Trinder will be contesting the Pacific Forest Rally (PFR), round five in the Canadian National Rally Championship this October 16th and 17th 2008. The event will be held in Merritt, BC and includes two in-town spectator stages for those eager to see the spectacle of rallying in person.

Scott, the 2002 and 2005 Western Canadian Rally Champion is prepared for diversity. "Last year the weather made for an exciting and strategic event," said Scott. With stages 1000 feet above the old Coquihalla toll plaza, teams will find snow and ice on the roads which will turn into mud and gravel in the lower elevations. "Tire choice is crucial. Which Bridgestone tire we choose to run will have a significant effect on our stage time. Gravel tires have no traction on ice making for many sketchy moments and ice tires are soft and prone to flats on the gravel. Being smooth and of course having some luck will play a factor in the events results!" said Bob.

Coming off a 2nd overall finish at the Mountain Trials Rally early in the year the RSport Rally Team is prepared for PFR. The teams Ampco Grafix Subaru WRX RA (Rally Application) has been looked over in preparation for this year's event which includes night stages on the Friday and day light stages on Saturday. "I am excited about rallying at night. I really enjoy the challenge and our PIAA supplied lighting is absolutely amazing," said Scott.

With over 25 competitors entered and 14 in the "Open" class, including multinational US and Canadian National Champions, the Richmond Auto Body RSport team will have their work cut out for them. "Last year we were very close to a podium at this event and finished in 4th overall," said Bob. The private RSport Rally team finished 4th just behind a Mitsubishi backed team in 2007.

"I have been happy with our results considering our car is virtually a production vehicle with close to 100bhp less than our open class rivals," said Trinder. As the car was imported from Japan and was not produced in Canada in 1995 the Canadian Rally rules classify the car as open class.

RSport Rally would like to thank: PIAA, Techworks Engineering, Open Road Richmond Auto Body, Pacific Parts, Ampco Grafix, NGK, AMT Machine Shop, Dragon Optical, RMT Contracting, and Bridgestone.

Photos by: Andrew Snucins 2008

View more photos at: www.worldrallysport.com
Team Website: www.rmtcontracting.com/rsport
Rally Links: www.rallybc.comhttps://www.specialstage.com/
Event Link: http://www.pacificforestrally.com/home.html



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