Fresh from NEFR, WASHPA hits the stages again

After a face lift and a nose job earlier this year, WASHPA Racing’s No. 724 rally car was lucky to even be at this year’s Rally West Virginia, where it finished fifth in class and 17th overall under pilot Jim McClelland’s and co-driver Jon Price’s capable hands.

At STPR just nine weeks ago, the 724 car had its first “big moment” and slipped off the road after its rear struts blew under some tough strain and rough terrain. The front of the car locked lips with a local tree. With the help of a new sponsorship from the Hitchcock Insurance Agency, of Washington, Penn., rally enthusiasts, shop owners and Andrew Havas, of Havspeed Engineering in Highland, N.Y., who grafted an entirely new nose onto the MR2, McClelland and Price were back in gear for the 2008 New England Forest Rally (NEFR). NEFR is the neighborhood bully of all of the American rallies and has been known to throw rocks at drivers even as they sit around during Parc Expose. The WASHPA Team took 2nd in class for both regional events.

“I think we’re in pretty good shape for this one,” said McClelland before the start of Rally West Virginia. “We’ve spent a lot of hours fixing the NEFR rock damage and finishing the work that didn’t get done before NEFR. New skid plates, clutch lines and cylinders and sorting some electrical problems. We are 99.9 percent ready to attack the rally roads of West Virginia!”

Rally West Virginia saw 33 cars entered. WASHPA Racing finished 5th in class M2, 17th overall and 12th in the MaxAttack! event.

McClelland and Price experienced a couple of “excursions” off course when the MR2 veered off the road a little, one time requiring the help of willing onlookers. Since there was no damage to the car, in true rally spirit, active spectators helped push the 724 car back on course towards its Top 5 class finish.

Watch for WASHPA Racing’s next event at Rallye Defi in Ste. Agathe, Canada on September 5 and 6.

For more information about WASHPA Racing, contact team owner Jim McClelland at [email protected]

About WASHPA Racing:
WASHPA Racing is a performance rally racing team based out of Washington, Pennsylvania. Driven by car owner Jim McClelland with Jon Price serving as co-driver, WASHPA is currently racing a 1987 Toyota MR2 (The 724 Car), a 1600cc normally aspirated, rear-wheel drive, mid-engine, G2 Beast!

WASHPA Racing truly is “Living The Dream – One Race At A Time.”
To find out more, visit WASHPA Racing at

About Hitchcock Insurance Agency:
Hitchcock Insurance Agency, Inc. is licensed in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Ohio. They serve all communities in and around South Western Pennsylvania, including Washington, Amity, Claysville, Eighty Four, Canonsburg, Hickory, Marianna, Avella, Cokeburg, Prosperity and Burgettstown.



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