The Primitive Racing Team debuted an albeit under-prepared 2008 Subaru STi at the Olympus Rally in the Production GT (PGT) Class last weekend. Despite running with stock front suspension and with 17″ snow tires on the front on the dry, hard gravel, the team sat in third place in PGT class for most of the day. Easing off a bit on the last stage of the day, they fell to fourth in class by just one second as twilight fell.

On Day 2, the team turned up the wick, but other competitors did as well, and after a slight off on stage 15, the team fell to 5th in class, but still just 11 seconds out of 3rd place. “We were really happy to have a clean rally with only a few teething pains for a car that was still getting put together after we arrived at the event. In fact we had to DRIVE IT to the rally to get enough break-in miles on the motor. We got here with just over 550 miles on the clock,” said team owner Paul Eklund. “But what we did put together, held up well, fantastic in fact.”

Our sponsors at Subaru Northwest Region, Exedy Racing Clutches, Cooper Tires, and PDX Tuning were glad to see the car make it and then finish the rally with a good first showing. “Sure we would have liked to be on the podium,” noted co-driver Jeff Price, “but we needed to balance the desire to win with the realities of shaking down a totally new car.” In the end, the car performed beautifully and attracted a lot of attention in the pits and along the route. Rally events showcase the abilities of any car, and many fans noted that they liked the lines of the new car when seen in person.

Primitive plans to continue development, including a new front suspension design and improved underbody protection for the rough, Oregon Trail Rally in just over 3 weeks. The Rally Idaho follows that in early July.

The team would like to thank Cooper Tires for the wonderful Weathermaster Tires that held up to the abuse (like our one big off-pictured), PDX Tuning for taking the time to make the car run strong and true on just pump gas, Subaru Northwest Region for all their continued support and spiffy new driving suits (also pictured). Special thanks to our volunteer service crew of Ben Trujillo, Nate Foley and Steve Greer who made sure the car was spot on at each service stop.

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Photo by Aaron Kathman



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