In what was one of the hardest fought rally in years, the Mitsubishi rally teams managed to earn three spots among the Top 5 in the final standings. Last year’s winner, Canadian Andrew ACP Comrie-Picard and American Marc Goldfarb came in second with their EVO 9, only 75 seconds short of an outright victory over 230 kilometres of icy roads. 4th overall were Jon Nichols and Carl Shenk of Montreal with their EVO 6; they battled from start to finish with Mathieu L’Estage and Yannick Napert (EVO5), a mere 44 seconds behind. Other teams who had a remarkable outing were Bacon and Watt (EVO 9) with a 7th place and Losier and Normandin who rounded up the Top 10. Finally, Jan and Jody Zedril who hail out of Manitoba rallied in first in P3 production class and 14th overall.

“The results the Mitsubishi teams earned at this gruelling event are a tribute to their skills but also to our products that proved to be reliable and quick,” declares Larry Futers, Director, National Marketing for Mitsubishi Motor Sales of Canada. “When you literally throw your vehicle in every curve on icy roads for some 14 hours and such a distance, you have to be gifted as a driver but your machine must be able to face such adversity. ACP (Andrew Comrie-Picard) is the leader of the Mitsubishi brigade and he ran flawless to the second step of the podium. Jon (Nichols) and Mathieu (L’Estage) had their own contest going on and either could have been ahead of the other. The fans loved it. It was a perfect demonstration that whatever EVO generation you’re driving, you can be quick. We’re very proud of the results our teams took home this weekend.”
“The line is so thin”, added Comrie-Picard, leader of the Mitsubishi Cup, “between being too slow and finish out of the podium or too fast and finish deep into a snowbank, You must remained focused and within your limits. It’s fun to know your EVO 9 is a forgiving machine.”

Stage and class wins
The event started early Saturday morning and the boys set out to work: Comrie-Picard and William Bacon tied for quickest time on the first stage. Soon, other EVO drivers joined in and began rounding the top of the charts. Five cars out of the top ten is the best tally by any manufacturer. The Zedril couple finished 14th overall but first in a production car only modified with safety equipment. “People have no idea how tough an event like this is for the car, claimed Jan Zedril. Just to reach the end is an accomplishment. And winning our class proved we took the right decision to rally with a Lancer.”

Next round: Rocky Mountain Rally in May

Next round of the Canadian Rally Championship, the Rocky Mountain Rally will be held in Calgary, Alberta on the 23rd and 24th of May. Care of the Mitsubishi contingency program, many teams will head out West. The RMR is always unpredictable in the Spring time: in the Porcupine Hills, southwest of the Stampede Capital, roads can turn from dusty one day to snowy the next.



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