oneil_logo.jpgSafe Drives LLC has teamed up with Team O’Neil Rally School to make Regional Rally in New England more affordable. With the new rule requiring head and neck restraints for drivers and co-drivers in all Rally America events, the number of entrants in the Team O’Neil Rally has been small.

sdlogo.jpgTeam O’Neil Rally School and Safe Drives are going to subsidize the rental of R3 H&N restraints for the Team O’Neil rally January 18-19, 2007. “We are hoping that by helping the regional competitors with this new rule we can get a few more entries for our event,” explains Tara McMann, event organizer.

“To make this event happen we need 15 competitors. We wanted to address every one of our competitor’s concerns,” said an excited Tim O’Neil. “The new subsidy of H&N restraint rentals should help the regional competitors stay racing in the Eastern Regional Championship.”

The Team O’Neil Rally is headquartered in Dalton, NH. Thirty nine stage miles wind through the snow covered White Mountains surrounding the Team O’Neil Rally Driving School. “The Team O’Neil Rally is unique to any other event in the U.S. We offer stage notes that are included in our entry, studded tires for the two wheel drive cars, and now some help for the new H&N restraint rule, all with a $500 entry fee. This is everything our competitors have ever asked for!” describes Tara McMann.

For full details of the H&N restraint rentals please call Travis Hanson at Team O’Neil Rally School (603) 444-4488.

Safe Drives is an Automobile Safety Product Retailer specializing in selling only automobile safety products. Safe Drives’ focus on safety is clear and they work around these products every day.

Team O’Neil Rally School is the Premiere Driving School in the US, instructing many National Champions in the Rally America Championship.

Rally America, a Minneapolis, Minnesota based corporation, holds the sanctioning and marketing rights to the Rally America Championship and also organizes the marquee X Games Rally Car Race.



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