tallpines_logo.jpgOn Tuesday evening, November 6th, the Seeded Draw for the 2007 Rally of the Tall Pines took place at the general meeting of the Maple Leaf Rally Club in Toronto. The organizers announced that we have 44 entries to-date which is the largest entry list for any event this year in the Canadian Rally Championship.

This year promises to be one to remember and the competition is shaping up to be extremely fierce. The full starting order for the event is posted on our website – www.tallpinesrally.com but to give you a quick peek, here’s the top 10 starting order at this point:

Car #1 Peter Thomson Rod Hendricksen 2006 Evo Open
Car #2 Ken Block Alex Gelsomino 2006 Impreza Sti Open
Car #3 Antoine L’Estage Nathalie Richard 2007 Tiburon Open
Car #4 Frank Sprongl Brian Maxwell Evo Open
Car #5 Andrew Comrie-Picard Marc Goldfarb Lancer Evo Open
Car #6 Martin Gauvin Daniel Duchesneau WRX P-4
Car #7 John Cassidy Dave Getchell WRX Sti Open
Car #8 Martin Donnelly TBA WRX Open
Car #9 John Vanos Jeff Secor WRX Sti Open
Car #10 Craig Henderson Lyne Murphy Impreza WRX Open

Along with what’s going to turn out to be some amazing competition at the “front of the pack” which just might come down to seeing what Mother Nature throws our way in Bancroft the day of the event, we also have some very interesting and exciting vehicles entered as well.

Here’s a few:
Starting 22nd, Vittorio Bares and co-driver Kristin Chute in a 1987 Audi 4000
Starting 28th, Jose Vicente and co-driver Constantine Mantopuolos in a 1997 Audi 4 Quattro 1.8T
Starting 35th, Luis Melo and co-driver Jeff Hagan in a 1991 Lada Samara
Starting 38th Simon Gervais and co-driver Oliver Maltais in a 1988 Audi 90

And, it all this is just not enough to get your adrenaline fired up – how about Dave Mirra, the “Miracle Boy” who dominates the world of freestyle BMX and who has won more X Games Gold Medals than any other competitor in the X Games History, making his stage rally debut at Pines. His co-driver will be our own Tall Pines Assistant Coordinator Alan Ockwell.

As we near the home stretch for the 2007 Rally of the Tall Pines, stay tuned to the official web site for up to date news and to discover what else is in store for this year’s event. We are hoping that we will see even more teams sign up to compete this year. If you haven’t signed up to compete – what are you waiting for? For those who are not competing but would still like to get real close to the action, the organizing club, Maple Leaf Rally Club, is always looking for more volunteers to assist with running the event. As most of the returning volunteers will tell you, being involved with the event is the next best thing to being part of the competing teams. Go onto the website and log in as a worker.

The Rally of the Tall Pines has been run every year since 1971 and is organized by the Maple Leaf Rally Club. For more information, visit www.tallpinesrally.com.



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