Hello Everybuddy,
I'm new to rally ... that is to say ... I haven't done it myself but I'm hoping to change that. Probably like a lot of you, I've played rally video games for years and in Michigan winters I look for places to get sideways on the snow. Last fall I went up to Houghton to see the LSPR and I'm hoping to get down to Ohio next weekend.

Now I want to get a car and start doing some rally-cross. I know about the SCCA Detroit and SCCA West Michigan clubs. Does anyone know of any other similar clubs to get some real wheel-time in? (Dirtfish and O'Neil Rally School are not an option ... unless I hit that Powerball) Also, I'm looking for any suggestions on a good starter vehicle. I have been scouring craigslist to no avail. There have been a few possibilities, but the objective is to get into something for cheap ... really cheap ... between 1000 - 1500 ... but a platform that can be built up and maybe even make it to a rally in a few years. The classified section here looks like a huge possibility too so I'm checking out the posts there as well but again I don't have much to spend and it looks like a lot of the ads are from people who have put some real money and work into vehicles and so there aren't a whole lot of dirt cheap options.

Thanks ... and any other advice or information you might have for a noob would be greatly welcomed.