hey guys, i'm jet out of california. I've always been a fan of rally since the group b days and have done some pavement racing. I haven't participated in anything sanctioned in years and currently do a road rally amongst friends annually. stage rally has my interest.

I've been reading through the NASA rallysport documents and from what I gather, and what I would like to apply to me, is that "stock class" is pretty much bolt-on suspension modifications (like any street car) and safety equipment, right? AWD Heavy with a turbo allows for boost control. Is that the gist of it?

Hypothetically, a stock wrx/sti with:
strut braces
seam welded chassis
acceptable autopower cage
fire extinguisher
first aid/triangles

is considered stock class?

I'm grey on the anti-roll bar statements. Can you upgrade these? It says replace or remove but isn't clear on upgrade to a beefier one... not even sure if that's something i'd want for dirt.

How about bushings/end-links?