Newbie from Los Angeles - California Rally Series
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Thread: Newbie from Los Angeles - California Rally Series

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    I just participated in the California Rally Series Rally School weekend. I knowingly brought an inappropriate car (C63 AMG) because I wanted the seat time and to learn how to control it in difficult situations.

    I'm trying to link with the people I've just met but there is no active forum for it where people talk about their cars, share photos/videos of events so I started this Facebook group: California Rally Series Enthusiasts.

    Anyways, I've got a lot of material to read to decide what kind of rally class and car I should get into... off to study!


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    We had a gentleman bring an AMG 45 to a Rallycross event last year. Besides the street radial tires, and low ground clearance, it did pretty well. Nothing out there saying the C63 could not be a great contender. Just gut it, add a cage, increase the ride height, and add good tires. Look how many 911 variants are out there as competitive rally machines.
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