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    Default SA2010 Rated Peltor

    Whilst perusing the interwebs today, I cam across some helmet porn I figured was worth a share:

    I find it interesting that 3M/Peltor is finally offering a helmet option that is SA rated. Unfortunately it doesn't look like it's designed to take the noise reduction cups like the G78/G90 variants, but rather is uses in ear plugs (ala F1) that are designed to work with the FMT based intercoms. This really makes me wonder if it's truly a Peltor, or if they are re-branding another offering (Sparco is now selling helmets with Peltor stuff pre-installed)

    MAYBE we'll see SA certification of an open face Peltor helmet with the noise reduction cups and coms? Time will only tell...

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    The BSI certification is expiring, so they had to make some switch.

    A little searching on the "new Cone-head® liner" would lead me to believe these are being produced in China by a mfg. partner to be sold under the Peltor name.

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