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Thread: More Mazda contengency money going out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by eyesoreracing View Post
    Just another quick payout note. There have been lots of payouts over the last year that I haven't had time to post, but this one stood out. Daniel Little is getting $600 for kicking ass in an old MX-3 at the tiny little Headwaters regional rally. We pay for any rally over 30 stage miles and this little event is 36 miles. Early entry fee for the event was only $300! Gotta love the payback on that one!

    Go out and support those little events so we can have more of them!

    As the chairman of the Headwaters rally, and a friend and competitor of Dan's, this is very cool

    Too bad Nissan doesn't play this game too or I'd not be planning on parting ways with my B13 SE-R after LSPR.

    Mark Holden - G2 Nissan Sentra SE-R

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    I wish this was 2017
    Gone to Group 5 Rear Wheel Drive!!! Car #50

    I'll catch you if I can!

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